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Construction Considerations for Rainy Season

When it rains, it pours! While the rain is a reprieve from the scorching heat of the summer, it makes home construction in the Philippines a little more complex but not entirely impossible. Our homes endure the brunt of the relentless typhoon season, and our roofs serve as the frontline shield, so they must be constructed to withstand harsher weather conditions. 

Partnering with a reliable roofing manufacturer in the Philippines is essential, like Union Galvasteel Corporation. Roofing and construction are jobs for skilled professionals who can guarantee a dependable and safe solution. 

Design Considerations for Rainy Season Construction

The climate is one key consideration when choosing (literally) the roof over the family’s head. Your roof must brave fierce winds and combat scorching summer days. 

According to PAGASA, the rainy season in the Philippines runs from June to November, while the dry months are from December to May. This gives you a good range when it comes to your construction schedule. Typhoons may frequent your area more than usual, depending on your location. Storms primarily target Eastern Visayas, the Bicol region, and northern Luzon.

Whether it’s a rain roof construction or flat roof construction, UGC offers a wide range of pre-painted roof designs made of premium materials designed to defend homes against harsh weather.

Roof Planning Tips for the Rainy Season

In roofing and construction, rain wields substantial power, triggers project delays, harms machinery, and adds to safety risks. Take into consideration these few tips to navigate construction during adverse weather conditions:

1. Understanding Weather Patterns

Adapting construction practices to the climate allows professionals to implement strategies ensuring project timelines, quality, and safety. A clear weather contingency plan to ensure everyone knows their roles during weather shifts can help keep the construction on track without many disruptions.

Remember that you must never neglect your roof after a rainy day (or season). Maintenance is key; a reliable roofing company like UGC can help you achieve that. After the rainy days, here are Simple Ways to Make Your House Summer-Ready.

2. Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing suitable building materials is essential when constructing homes or other establishments, regardless of the weather. Heavy rainfall and extreme heat or humidity can weaken certain materials, which could then lead to structural issues.

If you live in a typhoon-prone area, selecting materials resistant to water damage, like treated wood, concrete and waterproof coatings, can immensely prevent degradation and maintain your property’s structural integrity. In addition, going with materials that are quick-dry can help speed up the construction process.

3. Maintaining Proper Drainage and Water Management Systems

Having adequate drainage and water management systems in place will be essential in construction during rainy days. Improper drainage can result in water accumulation in sites, resulting in erosion, soil instability, and even damage to foundations.

A proper drainage and water system safeguards the construction site, ensuring the safety of the people and a solid foundation for the building.

Safety Hazards

4. Complying with Site Safety

On-site safety during construction, especially on rainy days, should never be compromised. Rainy construction sites can become slippers and pose risks to workers. Safety measures, such as non-slip surfaces, proper signage, and protective gear, are vital to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Machinery should also be constantly inspected to ensure safe operations during rainy days. The safety of the workers is paramount in any construction project. However, swift construction provides a smooth process for clients and contractors. 

5. Ensuring Proper Material Storage System

During the rainy season in the Philippines, it is imperative to implement stringent measures to safeguard construction materials from the elements. Adequate storage facilities for protective materials are of paramount importance in ensuring the integrity and longevity of the construction project. These materials encompass a wide range of items, including tarpaulins, plastic sheets, weather-resistant coverings, and sealants.

The unpredictable nature of tropical storms necessitates meticulous planning and foresight. Thus, construction managers must invest in sturdy, waterproof storage units or construct temporary shelters to shield these materials from moisture and potential damage. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance of the storage facilities are essential to promptly address any vulnerabilities or wear and tear caused by prolonged exposure to the elements.

By prioritizing the protection of construction materials during the rainy season, builders in the Philippines can significantly enhance the overall quality and durability of their projects.

Best Roofing Manufacturer in the Philippines for Rainy Season

Your roof is the guardian of your home, and its primary goal is to shield your entire house from harsh elements. UGC’s pre-painted roofs come with strength and style, giving your home that protection and a splash of color that matches your taste. 

Looking for a roof that can withstand typhoons and strong winds? Look no further with our Durarib. Equipped with an innovative anti-capillary groove, making it a perfect choice for rainy climates. It can also be used as sidings and is commonly utilized in mass housing projects, poultry farms, and typical warehouses. If wind uplift is your concern, consider our Duratwin with its unique 2-rib design that offers exceptional strength against turbulent winds while providing superior leak protection. For those who prioritize an effortless classic roof style without compromising leak protection, our Laverne presents an aesthetic tile roof option. And let’s not forget about Multi-Rib8, which has an 8-rib feature accompanied by a capillary groove that acts as an effective anti-leak solution.

The Hi Rib is the perfect solution for gymnasiums and warehouses to carry heavy rain loads and rising temperatures thanks to its oven-bakes, oil-free polyester topcoat over a rust-resistant primer. 

Looking to elevate your roofing experience? The Mega Hi Rib could be the perfect cap and is the preferred choice for industrial plants with expansive spans and steep slopes. It’s designed to handle substantial rainwater volumes and crafted with precision with an oven-baked, oil-free polyester topcoat layered over a corrosion-resistant primer. 

Our Multi-rib8 galvanized roofing is also here to withstand rainy days. Its 8-rib design has a built-in capillary groove for resistance, making this the best choice for mass housing and warehouses in typhoon-prone regions

The Multi-rib8 boasts oven-curve high-performance epoxy primer and polyester coats in various colors that suit your style and home’s character. 
Beyond top-tier roofing materials, UGC provides a suite of services for all your roofing needs:

  • Roofing estimates

UGC cares when it comes to budget matters. Our detailed roofing estimates cover all bases and are aimed at helping customers get that cost-efficient but quality roofing. 

  • On-Site Roll-forming 

Trust UGC’s on-site roll-forming service for long-span panels that’s fast, efficient, and equipped with quality control. 

  • Delivery and installation

At UGC, we promise timely delivery and seamless installation. We partner with accredited experts to ensure quality service. 

UGC’s vast distribution network spans the Philippines, strategically placing warehouses and sales offices nationwide. UGC is the way to go for affordable roofing & construction products and services. 

Contact UGC through our website or call: 0917-503-3965 (Globe) and 0919-003-2303 (Smart). You can also find us on our social media page

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