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Features & Benefits:
– Distinct design of anti-capillary leak where it can prevent rainwater leakage on the side lap of
the panels.
– Exhibits wider effective coverage makes it more economical.
– Stable against strong wind
– Suitable for area with heavy rainfall

Application / Uses:
– Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial roofing.
– Can be used as sidings and normally used in mass housing projects, poultry farms and typical

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Reference Standards
Hot-dip Zinc-Coated Steel Coils
PNS 1990:2004; JIS G 3302; ASTM A 653; ISO 3575
Hot-dip 55% Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel Coils
PNS 1993:2004; JIS G 3321; ASTM A 792; ISO 9364
Nominal Thickness
0.20 mm to 0.60 mm
Feed Width
915 mm and 1220 mm
Effective Coverage 780, 1040, 1070 mm
Rib Height 22 mm
Paint Coating System
Oven cured high performance quality epoxy primer and polyester top coat and back coat paints.
Also Available upon request Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP)
Polyvinylidene Diflouride (PVDF)
Paint Coating Thickness
For Regular Colors :   Topcoat  :   12 – 20 microns
                                Backcoat :   4 – 8 microns
Available Colors
Red, Green, Beige, Blue, Orange, White, Brown
Special Colors also available upon request
Transportable length up to 20 meters
Onsite Rollforming for longer panels

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Red, Green


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