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The Wonders of Claddings: Adding an Extra Layer of Protection to Your Property

We all know that roofs protect our homes by keeping us safe from extreme weather conditions and other external threats. But did you know that the roof is not the only one that can do that? Another construction material that provides this benefit is “cladding.” Learn more about it with this article.

What is cladding?

Cladding is the process of layering materials to protect a structure from weather elements and to provide exterior finishing. It prevents strong rains and wind from entering or damaging your property. With cladding, walls will not crack easily even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Think of it as roofing but for walls. Aside from the additional layer of protection, cladding offers different advantages which will be discussed below.

Why use cladding?

Cladding makes structures look superb. Cladding is more than just a protective skin on the exterior of a building. With the right design and construction system, it can add a breathtaking, even iconic architectural element to a structure, simple wall can look marvelous when cladding is applied. Cladding comes in different colors, finishes, and designs, so you can have a style that matches your vision for your property.

Cladding prevents fire. It actually increases the mechanical strength of any building depending on the material used, while offering protection from a range of elements, cladding is fire-resistant, so it can protect you in case a nearby property catches fire. It can also stop a fire from spreading to other properties if the fire starts from inside your property.

Cladding provides thermal insulation. Buildings that incorporate cladding are more resistant to cracks caused by temperature or climate change, water absorption, sunlight and all kinds of pollution compared to non-clad structures. Especially in a country like ours, insulation is necessary so we don’t suffer from extreme heat brought about by the sun.

Cladding improves your property’s energy efficiency. With the insulation it provides comes energy-efficiency. With cladding, you’ll be able to use cooling appliances and equipment such as air-conditioning optimally.

Cladding is cost-efficient. Exterior walls of properties with cladding require less cleaning and repair—saving you money.

What are the types of cladding?

Cladding is believed to have been in existence since the dark ages, as early as 500 to 1500 AD. Back then, timber was used as a material, which is still being used today. Now, more materials are used as cladding. Here are some types of cladding available today.

  • Wood – Wood cladding is often valued for being energy efficient as it provides good insulation. It also adds an exquisite yet familiar appeal to a property’s exterior, making it a popular choice for those after aesthetics. The natural aesthetic appeal of wooden cladding has made it a timeless, popular choice that will never go out of fashion. It is also environmental-friendly as the material is biodegradable and can be recycled later on. However, it’s not resistant to fire.
  • Stone – Stone cladding’s elegance comes from its natural look. It’s also a popular choice for those who are looking for durability, as it lasts for a very long time while requiring only little maintenance. It provides protection from the elements that your home needs. The only downside is that it can be quite expensive.
  • Concrete – Concrete cladding is one of the most recent options for property owners. It is popular for its easy installation and cost-effectiveness. It is also durable and requires only little maintenance. Perhaps one of its strong points is its wide array of designs, as it can be created to look like more expensive cladding materials like stone cladding.
  • Glass – Glass cladding is mostly used by property owners who are after a stylish look. You may often see this in office buildings, but homeowners who want their houses to look modern have also been using glass as cladding. It also has the right amount of durability needed to protect the structure.
  • UPVC – UPVC or Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Compound cladding is weather, fire, and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for properties in any location. It also protects properties from the harsh sunlight, thanks to its UV stabilizer. It’s popular among property owners because it is almost maintenance-free, requiring only washing every so often. It is also cost-effective.
  • Metal – Metal cladding is one of the most commonly used in buildings as it is easily available and comes in various designs. Also, its glossy finish adds elegance to any property, making it a great option if you want your property to look attractive. More than its great designs, metal cladding is known for its strength and longevity. Depending on which metal is used, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Some metal claddings are even fire-resistant. However, it is prone to corrosion, so you have to ensure that it is properly maintained. The most commonly used materials in metal cladding are aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc.

Choosing the Right Cladding

The type of cladding to use for your property depends on your budget or the look you are after, among all other factors. If you decide to go with metal cladding, we recommend UGC’s Duraspandrel profile, which is low maintenance, economical, and faster to install. It is also pre-painted using Oven baked Oil free Polyester topcoat over a corrosion-resistant Primer with Oil free Polyester backing coat. No need to worry about painting jobs! It comes in various colors: red, green, beige, blue, orange, white, and brown. It is also available with perforations. Another recommended cladding is UGC’s Minirib profile, which has strong resistance to vertical pressure. It also comes in various colors. You can also check out Multi-Rib8, the newest addition to Union Galvasteel Corporation’s cladding line. It is stiffer and has a better design for rib roofing.

For your roofing and cladding needs, rely on UGC. We are the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pre-painted and other galvanized roofing materials in the Philippines. With warehouses and sales offices in strategic locations, you are sure to find our products near you. Get in touch with us via our website or call these numbers for assistance: (02) 8520-8822-23; 8520-8831; (049) 545-0084 to 86 or 09175033965 (Globe) and 09190032303 (Smart).

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