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How to Save Energy with the Right-Colored Roof

Did you know that the color of your roof affects the temperature inside your home?

It’s true. In fact, there are several factors that help your roof to better reflect the sun’s heat, instead of absorbing it. That said, having both the right color and the right type of roofing material will effectively cool your home. This is important to know, especially during the summer when the sizzling heat causes most of us to have our ACs on almost 24/7. This also means that you should begin scouting for the best roofing materials and the best colored roof prices in the Philippines.

Here are the factors that affect how much heat your roof absorbs:

The Color of Your Roof

Let’s first have a quick science review. What you should remember is that though heat and light are different forms of energy, light can be transformed into heat when it is absorbed. This means that when your roof is under sunlight all day long, it eventually resorts all that energy, and that light energy becomes heat.

What you should also know is that black materials can absorb all wavelengths of light. This means that black materials can heat up a lot faster. Think of black asphalt on a road. It becomes hotter faster than the rest of the gray pavement. The rapid absorption is what makes blacktop hot in the summer.

On the other hand, white materials reflect all wavelengths of light, instead of absorbing them. This means that they also don’t absorb as much heat as compared to their darker counterparts, so they do not go through dramatic temperature changes.

Put simply, the darker the roof color, the more likely for the roof to absorb more heat. Roofs painted with lighter colors, have a better capacity to maintain a consistent temperature.

This is why choosing the right roof color will affect the temperature inside your home.

However, you may wonder why many homeowners opt for dark-colored roofs. In the Philippines, most roofs are painted either dark brown or dark gray. Few people are aware that their roof colors have a direct effect on their homes’ temperature. Now that you know, however, perhaps you’ll opt for lighter colors.

Your Roofing Material

You should also be aware that your roofing material can also affect how much heat is absorbed into your home. Here in the Philippines, it’s very common to see metal roofs. However, you should know that unpainted metal roofs can provide protection from heat. This is because metal is very reflective, so most of the light rays become reflected away from your home. However, painting is a crucial aspect of the roofing system. It not only provides a more aesthetic look but also allows you to provide an additional layer of protection against rust and corrosion. Instead, just opt for lighter colors when you can’t maintain having an unpainted metal roof.

In other countries, it’s also common to have an asphalt roof. Asphalt reflects only a small percentage of light, so the heat is absorbed much faster. It’s also common in other regions to opt for tile roofs, which are slow to heat.

The Roofing Technology

right colored roofs

There are now also “cool roof” options that are becoming popular worldwide. Put simply, a “cool roof” is a roofing system coated with a highly reflective paint or coating, which then allows the roof to absorb less heat.

Other roofing systems also provide additional insulation. This is done by adding a material that reduces heat flow between the roof and different areas of the house. Insulation also prevents cool air from escaping from inside the house and prevents warm air from seeping in.

Since warm air rises, adding a layer of insulation in between the roof and the ceiling can work wonders to keep your home cooler.

Having proper insulation is also having proper ventilation. For example, having exhaust vents in areas where heat is produced (such as kitchens) will allow warm air to be released outside of the home. It also allows for better air circulation, which then leads to lower temperatures inside the house.

Get the Best Roofing Materials

Union Galvasteel Corporation is currently the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pre-painted and galvanized roofing materials. We offer light-colored pre-painted roofs to help reflect light and allow your home to remain cool no matter the weather. We also offer insulated prepainted roofing panels (Duratherm) for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

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