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A Simple Guide on the Right Roof Material for Your Home

It is not enough for your roof to just add curb appeal to your home; it should also be functional. Therefore, aside from the aesthetic appeal that a roof can give, you must also consider the material used. In this blog, we’ll delve into roofing and guide you on choosing the right material for your home, depending on your house design and roof price in the Philippines.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Roof Materials

Having a home you can truly call your own is perhaps one of the biggest dreams for most of us. Some would get excited just thinking about how it would look like, how many rooms it would have, and the things they can do once it is built. Aside from the design and functions, you also need to consider the materials you will use to build your home. Of course, it must be durable and safe for you and your family.

Concrete and metal are good choices for your home’s structure. You can also have diverse options for your windows and flooring, but what about your roof? Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it protects you from weather elements and other external threats like burglary or wild animals, and it adds curb appeal to your home, so it is something you must also consider when thinking of your dream home.

The materials to use for your home’s roof may depend on several factors. Some consider durability first, so they are willing to spend as much as they can. However, if the budget is a concern, you may want something affordable yet practical. Your location also plays a role, as some materials are better suited for certain areas due to the weather they experience. Others may want aesthetics to come first, and this is influenced by the style or design of their home. Certain roof materials go best with specific home styles.

If you want to know the best materials based on your design aesthetics, then you’re reading the right article. Below are some options you have for the right roof material for your dream home.

Roof Material Recommendations Based on Your Design Aesthetics

Roof Material Recommendations Based on Your Design Aesthetics

For Traditional, Suburban Homes: Asphalt

Asphalt shingles, also called composite shingles, are composed of asphalt, fiberglass, and mineral granules. Their material composition shields the home from water and sunlight. They come in a range of styles and colors, and they are considered stylish. Asphalt shingles would look great on traditional suburban homes, but they also go well with various architectural styles. Asphalt is a popular roofing material because it is easy to install and quite affordable. Also, depending on their quality and the way you maintain them, asphalt shingles can last from 12 to 30 years or even more.

However, they are not too common in the Philippines because there are other more affordable options available. Also, shingles are prone to be blown away by intense winds, which can be a problem here in a country hit by an average of 20 typhoons every year.

For Colonial-Style Homes: Slate

Slate is another roofing material adored for its elegance and durability. Slate is a type of rock known for its durability, making it perfect as a roofing material. It is a top choice for homeowners who only want the best materials for their roofs. It is fire-resistant, waterproof, and minimal maintenance. It is known to last up to a century.

However, these all come at a great cost. Literally, it is one of, if not the most expensive, roofing materials. It is also difficult to install, so you need to hire the right professionals to install it for you, which will require additional costs. If your budget can afford it and if it will complement the beauty of your Colonial- or European-style home; then go for slate roofs.

If you prefer a more affordable roofing option made for the Philippines’ extreme weather, then you can check Union Galvasteel Duratile.

For Mediterranean Homes: Clay or Concrete Roof Tiles

If you have a Mediterranean or Spanish-style house, clay or concrete tiles will look best on your roof. Clay and concrete tiles are often lumped into the same group only because of their similarities when it comes to how they are installed and what their advantages are. Both materials are highly durable — they can withstand intense winds and heavy rains while also being great for areas experiencing hot climates.

Both come in various designs and colors, making them great for various home design ideas. They are also cheaper than slate, but concrete tiles are cheaper than clay tiles. However, these materials are heavy, so they require a home with stronger support to carry their weight. Though they are durable, they are prone to breaking when walked on. Installation can also be costly.

However, these materials are heavy, so they require a home with stronger foundation to carry their weight. If you want a more lightweight and easier-to-install roofing option, Union Galvasteel Laverne and Duratile are the best choices.

For Contemporary Homes: Metal

Metal roofs used to be more common for warehouses because of their plain design, but with metal roofs now coming in different styles and colors, they have made their way to residential structures. Metal is also a popular material because of its durability—it can protect homes from heavy rains, strong sunlight, and even fire. With proper maintenance, metal roofs can last for more than 10 years. Their longevity makes them cost-efficient. Metal roofs look great on contemporary homes, cabins, and bungalows.

Check out Union Galvasteel Duratwin and Durarib for prepainted metal roofs to fit any house design aesthetic.

For Any Modern Homes under Hot Climate: Insulated Panels

Gaining popularity in residential home construction are insulated roofing panels, which are composed of layers of materials—a Polyurethane or Polyisocyanurate core between two metal sheets. These layers of materials provide insulation, helping control the temperature inside your home, which leads to energy savings. They are also durable, weather-resistant, and fire-resistant. They come in various colors and designs, so they fit any modern home or any other architectural style.

If you want the added benefits of insulation, Union Galvasteel offers pre-painted Insulated Roofs to fit your style.

Union Galvasteel Corporation’s Duratherm Insulated roofing panel RIB 1000 is best for insulated roof. The material of your roof is critical as aside from the aesthetics it provides, it also serves an important function. Regardless of the material you choose, your roof must be professionally installed and well-maintained so you can enjoy its numerous benefits for a long time. But if you prefer prepainted metal roofing materials or insulated panels for your property, then Union Galvasteel Corporation has them for you.

UGC is the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of prepainted and other galvanized roofing materials in the Philippines including insulated panels for commercial, industrial, and residential use. We have the largest and most diversified distribution network in the industry, with rollforming plants, warehouses, and sales offices in strategic locations throughout the country.

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