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Metal Decks as Reliable Construction Partners

When you are in the construction industry or even just a homeowner who would like to build his dream house, it is important to be familiar with different elements or materials necessary when forming any structure. One of these elements is the metal deck. A metal deck is made of roll formed metal, usually supported by beams or joints. The purpose of the metal deck is to support the insulating membrane of a roof or to support and bond with the concrete to create a composite metal floor deck. If you want to know more about these structural panel elements, then continue reading.

What are the types of metal decks?

Metal decks may be classified according to which part of a structure they are utilized. Roof decks and floor decks are the most common types, but there are also other types such as form decks and specialty decks.

  1. Roof Decks

Roof decks are used as a framework of flat roofs. This structural panel is placed over roof purlins or joints to serve as a flat surface necessary for the installation of weatherproof roofing, insulation, and other roofing materials. They can also be used when constructing canopies and mezzanines.

  1. Floor Decks

Composite floor decks, on the other hand, are used on floors as the name suggests. The deck itself is made of metal, with embossments on the side to allow easier bonding with concrete, which will be applied onto the deck later. The embossment is what differentiates a roof deck from a composite floor deck. The combination of the metal and concrete makes this product more durable.

  1. Form Decks

Another type of metal deck is form decks. Like composite floor decks, form decks are used to support concrete during construction of a structure. However, while composite floor decks add strength to a floor system, form decks do not add strength; it simply supports the concrete’s weight. That’s because floor decks lack the embossments that allow metal and concrete to bond.

  1. Specialty Decks

Specialty decks are designed mostly to provide decorative elements to roofing or floors. They come in different styles and sizes, which give homeowners of contractors more options for their projects. Though available, specialty decks are not too commonly used.

What are metal decks made of and what are their uses?

Metal Decks Types

When it comes to the materials used in metal decks, there are three options – steel, aluminum, and acoustical metal.

Steel decks are commonly used as roof and floor decks, the ones mentioned above. It can provide additional stability to a structural frame when used as flooring and support roofing materials when used as roof decks.

Aluminum decks are commonly used as outdoor floor decks. They are known for their durability, lasting for a very long time, and even resisting extreme weather conditions.

Acoustical metal decks are ideal for structures where noise needs to be controlled or lessened, such as classrooms, theaters, restaurants, auditorium, and sport venues. These decks have small, perforated holes in their flutes where the noise travel through. Then, the noise is absorbed by insulation batts found within the flutes covering the holes.

Why use metal decks?

Before metal decks became popular, wood decks were commonly used in construction. Now, with the advantages of steel decks over wood, metal decks are a staple in home and commercial construction. Below are some reasons to use a steel deck instead of a wood deck.

  1. Metal decks are more durable than wood

Because they are resistant to fire, insects, and rotting, steel decks can last longer than wood decks. When wood decks rot or get infested by termites, the integrity of the structure gets compromised. Especially when used as floor decks, wood may not be able to sustain heavy foot traffic. Metal, on the other hand, can remain solid for a long time.

  1. Metal decks are cost-efficient

Wood decks may be cheaper upfront, but in the long run, they can be costly as they require frequent replacement and maintenance. As mentioned, steel decks can last for a very long time. Also, they are easier to maintain, saving you more money in the future.

  1. Metal decks are easy to install

They are easy to cut despite the material they are made of, and they easily attach to structures using screws and a little welding. Thus, aside from saving cost on labor, your project can be completed more quickly when using steel decks.

  1. Metal decks are sustainable

If you care for the environment, then metal decks are the right materials for you because they are recyclable.

Metal Decks for Construction

If you’re looking for metal decks to use for your home or commercial construction projects, Union Galvasteel Corporation has the right products for you. We have Duraweb, Duradeck, and V-deck. All of which provide superior tensile reinforcement and better concrete interlock. They consume less concrete and shoring support, thus saving on construction materials. Because their underside design is aesthetically pleasing, you can retain it as is, again leading to cost savings. Aside from their use in home and commercial buildings, our steel decks are also utilized in elevated highways, bridges, overpasses, and high-rise condominiums, which is a testament to their reliability.

The best steel deck sizes in the Philippines depend on your project’s needs. Talk to our roofing experts to help you find the right one.

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