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Preparing Your Roof for the New Year

As we commonly hear when we are about to enter a new year, “New Year, New You.” Instead, it is nice to have a fresh start when the new year arrives. But aside from self-improvements, maybe you can also have some home improvements like perhaps starting with your roof. After all, the roof is a very important part of your home, as it protects the inside of your home from the heat of the sun and keeps you dry during a storm. Being the part of your home most overexposed to the elements, you must provide your roof with the care it needs so it can continue its function of protecting your home. Read this for tips on how to keep your roof in tip-top shape just in time for the new year.

Clean the Gutters

You can’t keep your roof well-maintained if you don’t clean your gutters. Gutters are prone to clogs. If this happens, they can collect water, which will develop rust. If not addressed immediately, the rust can reach your roof, making it prone to corrosion. It is recommended to check your gutters for debris, leaves, dirt, and mold two to three times a year. If you haven’t done that this year yet, it’s not too late. Cleaning it once is better than not cleaning it at all.

Cut or trim overhanging branches to prepare your roof for new year.

Cut or trim overhanging branches

If you have a tree growing beside your home, check if branches are overhanging your roof as this can cause many problems. One is that leaves may fall off the overhanging branches and land on your roof, which can then clog your gutters. Aside from potential leaks, it can also lead to corrosion, as discussed earlier. Another problem it may cause is damage to your roof. Leaves and branches may scratch your roof, and even if they don’t touch tour roof, the branches may break due to strong winds and fall on your roof, causing dents and holes. A less likely but possible issue if you don’t trim overhanging branches is that the branches can give wild animals access to your roof. Cats, for example, may climb the tree and go to your roof, with their movements causing roof damage.

Clean your roof

This might be obvious, but cleaning your roof regularly is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition. When was the last time you had it cleaned? Probably never. Get a sturdy broom, some water, and start clearing your roof of fallen leaves and moss. It is important to remove moss because it traps moisture, and moisture weakens the integrity of your roof.

When cleaning your roof, be sure to avoid stepping on your roof as it may cause more harm than good. You could leave dents on your roof. If you want a roof that will not be easily dented even when stepped on, install our Duracorr roof. Its sinusoidal corrugation makes it difficult to be dented even when stepped on.

Repaint your roof and prepare your roof for New Year.

Repaint your roof

If you have galvanized iron or GI roof, repainting it will not only give it a fresher look. It will also add a layer of protection from the elements and prolongs the lifespan of your roof. And did you know that the right color of the roof can even make the inside of your home cooler? To be specific, white is known to deflect sunlight better than darker colors.

It is recommend to repaint your roof on a regular basis, but you can do away with this tedious, costly, and dangerous task by buying prepainted roofing materials instead. Prepainted roofs, as the name implies, no longer require painting as they already come in various colors. They are also known to last longer than commonly used galvanized iron or G.I. roofs, making them the better choice. If you want prepainted or colored roofing sheets, then lucky for you as we have them in white, blue, red, green, beige, orange, and brown. We can also customize colors upon request.

Replace your roof

If any of the tips above just won’t cut it, maybe it’s time to completely replace your roof. However, don’t replace your roof with just any roofing materials. Choose ones that are durable, cost-efficient, and pleasing to the eyes. Regular G.I. roofs won’t do anymore. If you don’t know which roof to use, then we are here for you.

Union Galvasteel Corporation has a wide array of roofing products, whether for residential or commercial use. We are the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of prepainted and other galvanized roofing and galvanized steel building products in the Philippines. We can guarantee that your roof will be the envy of many.

With over five decades of leadership in the construction materials industry, Union Galvasteel has become a total solutions company, and is now the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of galvanized roofing and galvanized steel building products. You can also learn more about our services by going to our service webpage. We gladly extend our help in creating budgets, scheduling projects, and ensuring that building projects are completed.

These are just some tips on how to make your roof ready for the new year. When planning to have any of these, be sure you have the assistance of professionals for your safety. Happy New Year!

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