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Ingenious Ways to Use Galvanized Steel in the Kitchen

The use of galvanized metal products in the kitchen interior is a very smart way to offer a different sense of style and design to any modern home. Not only does it make up for a sturdier workplace inside the kitchen given the strong composition of steel, the galvanization process that’s undergone by the steel also helps prevent corrosion to make the galvanized steel kitchen interior a long-lasting fixture inside your home.  It surely is a cheaper alternative rather than building your kitchen from the ground up with stainless steel components, as the galvanized components in your kitchen are sure to last until you decide to do an overhaul of your house a few decades later. The star of the show here is the corrugated galvanized steel sheets, which offer a bespeckled design aside from the wavy texture that is sure to bring a certain balance that can easily complement anything inside your kitchen. 

With these words in mind, how do you move forward in successfully adorning your kitchen with galvanized steel components? How much roofing material from the Philippines’ top roofing suppliers should you avail?

So, how do you make the style fit?

The use of galvanized steel is very prominent in most commercial and rural construction projects, that is why they look of a bespeckled zinc hot-dip sheet of metal easily connotes an industrial and rustic look when adorned as a furnishing. Quickly shy away from the traditional style and design of modern kitchens with the use of corrugated galvanized steel, as it is sure to bring transitional elements through the alternative feel of a ridged and furrowed surface. Despite the mottled finish on the metal, it can still make up for a sleek facade in any interior that you use it in.

What are the best applications for this?

One of the best and easiest applications for large sheets of corrugated galvanized metal is by placing it on your walls or ceilings to give it an interesting depth, texture, and finish. You can have the sheets’ pattern propped up horizontally or vertically. If you are feeling a bit artsier, you can also opt to have it up there diagonally or in patches that mimic tiles. The latter, of course, would give you more leeway to play with the patterns, putting up the waves in alternating sequences.

Another thing you can do with the corrugated galvanized steel would be to use it on kitchen fixtures such as counters, bars, or islands. You can have the sheets adorn the front of the element or try making it work by wrapping it around the fixture. You can also have it on the doors and windows of your cabinets, or maybe even as a backsplash or insert to give your walls that perfectly rustic vibe. Try it out and watch how it easily compliments most stainless-steel kitchen appliances, with the contrast of the speckled galvanized steel complementing the clean-cut look of the stainless steel.

Of course, you cannot always overdo it.

The key trick of the trade that you must remember here is that you should only use this material for only one type of surface. Given its very atypical usage, a bombardment of the corrugated galvanized steel sheet inside your kitchen would make it look more like a hardware store than a place to prepare food. Also, if you plan to put the corrugated galvanized steel sheets on the sides of your islands, bars, and counters, please note that it would be very wise to have it away from where humans would possibly occupy. If you place a stool in front of a counter with its body adorned by a sheet of corrugated metal, your guests will surely yet unintentionally kick the steel sheet from time to time. The sound that it would create is not very pleasing, as it would mimic the atmosphere of a heavy metal gig rather than a kitchen. To add, the unending yet unintentional kicking of the counter sides may also dent the sheets, messing with the waves and making up for an ugly look and finish. Lastly, always have the sides of the sheets framed with wood or plastic when using it on cabinet doors. Leaving the sides of the sheet open may result in someone incurring wounds along the sides of the metal sheet. That is a very important rule of thumb, you can always never be too careful inside the kitchen.

The best way to mix and match.

With the bright and patterned finish of the corrugated galvanized steel sheet, a good complement for it would be materials with darker tones and more subtle elements. If you would like to go for an industrial vibe inside your kitchen, your best bet for this would be to use concrete or bricks to go with the galvanized steel. On the other hand, a rustic look can easily be achieved through the use of a medium to dark-toned woods that are a bit distressed along with iron that’s a bit weathered to give a little hint of brown going on. Essentially speaking, earthy tones work very well with galvanized steel, especially if it has a certain distressed finish that comes with it. To make sure that you only outsource the best possible materials when you’re overhauling your kitchen, let your architects and builders reach out to Union Galvasteel Corporation for top-grade products at the best possible prices.

Union Galvasteel’s corrugated galvanized steel’s historical use on rural and commercial structures makes it a natural choice for rustic and industrial-inspired kitchens.

Union Galvasteel also offers the MINIRIB profile with feature of 12 miniribs for stronger solid base with stronger resistance to vertical set-up.

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