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Humble Origin: The Rise of Union Galvasteel

Every success story has a humble beginning. May it be an individual who once started out with a simple dream of running his own business empire, or a group of entrepreneurs who came up with just enough capital in the past to turn their investment into the dominant venture that it is today, everyone has to start small. Union Galvasteel is no stranger to this particular story, as they too have gone through the motions, the stepladder of hard work as it is called. Throughout the years, they have introduced many highquality solutions to building strong structures, structures which can withstand the test of time and weather. They are a catalyst in the world of construction supplies and are considered to be one of the most trusted names in the field. However, many aren’t really aware of the origin of Union Galvasteel. People are familiar with the name and quality, but aren’t familiar with their story. Well, if that somehow caught your curiosity, no worries, as the following is an accurate account of their humble beginnings, their rise to the top, and the many stages of re-building that they went through in order to become the successful empire of construction supplies that they are today. 

Cementing the Legacy 
 Surprising as it may seem, Union Galvasteel did not start out as a supplier of construction supplies. As a matter of fact, they weren’t even known by the name Union Galvasteel yet. Back then, they were known as the Union Steel Plant Division of Bacnotan Cement Industries, Inc. (or simply, Bacnotan). Even before expanding their repertoire into various construction supplies, they were a pioneer in the Philippine cement industry, thus, literally cementing their origin from a high-quality material that made its rounds in the early stage of their business. They officially began their commercial operations in 1963, first establishing a galvanizing plant in Poro, La Union which handled the production of Galvanized Iron (GI) sheets. They then expanded to Ilang, Davao City in 1968, progressively moving towards the 90’s, with their expansion in Calamba, Laguna in 1990. Their entry into the 90’s brought a sudden shift in their internal structure, as their steel plant was spun off from Bacnotan as a separate business unit during 1993, and incorporated as Bacnotan Steel Corporation. This was somehow a turning point within the venture, going as far as garnering a new name, Union Galvasteel Corporation or UGC. The positive shift did not stop there, however, as in 1997, the company established a modern Continuous Galvanizing Line and Color Coating Line for the manufacture of pre-painted galvanized steel coils in Calamba, Laguna. 

 The Current Landscape of UGC 
Much can be said about the continuous success of UGC throughout the years. The company’s progress is like a bulldozer, smoothening out every rough detail in its path, leaving only a well-maintained legacy in its wake. Nowadays, UGC is the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of pre-painted construction materials and other galvanized roofing and steel building products. A few examples of their building system components are steel deckings, c-purlins, door jambs, steel trusses, pre-engineered building structures (PEBS), and insulated panels for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.   


If you were wondering about the efficiency of UGC in delivering their high-quality products towards their many patrons and customers, it would be good to mention that they are effective in this regard as well, due to the fact that they have the largest and most diversified distribution network in the industry, with roll forming plants, warehouses and sales offices in many strategic locations throughout the country. Simply put, if you’d ever need a particular UGC-certified construction material, the odds of you finding one immediately would be high. Now, that’s the real definition of convenience and accessibility! 

The Company Mantra
 Union Galvasteel’s slogan says it all: “Sa Tibay at Ganda Panalo Ka!” It is a mantra, a battle cry which speaks of UGC’s strong commitment towards product quality and service – a commitment which isn’t rooted on profit alone, but on the goal of improving the lives of Filipinos. The thing about modern building materials is that, they are always marketed to last longer than the average materials utilized in building structures. While durability is definitely one of the top priorities when it comes to determining their core quality, the flexibility and resulting aesthetics would also come in play, features which sharp-eyed Filipinos are always on the lookout for. Anything less than that is unacceptable, and Union Galvasteel is very much aware of this from the beginning. Notice that they started out only with cement, but were able to expand towards other building materials in the process. The notion of perfecting their first building material before expanding on to the next may have been the driving force behind the company’s mantra throughout the years, resulting into arguably a very reliable lineup of building system components acclaimed by their countless clients in the present day.  

But don’t just take it from us, Union Galvasteel’s official statements have a lot to say about their products as well: 

“We consider compatibility to environment and climate change; we consider value for money by making products all cost-efficient, by delivering our services on time. We challenge ourselves to always innovate to offer infinite possibilities in the construction industry…  

We differentiate ourselves by bringing the highest quality possible through our operational excellence. We make sure that the technology we have is the best in class. We lead the pack in adopting global standards by bringing only the finest materials and equipment the world can offer. We are relentless in discovering and exploring proactive improvements. Our facilities are always upgraded and expanded to maximize potentials, to acquire additional functions to create diverse product applications. This is the best technology for us, with sincerest human and personal touch that sets us apart from the rest of the field.”  


With all of that being said, think about the work force behind the scenes. Think about the decades of learning and experience that the company went through in developing and improving their materials. Think about the hardworking Filipinos who work tirelessly just to deliver Union Galvasteel’s high-quality building materials. If such attention to detail 


can be said about the product, the same thing be said about the people who made them. Union Galvasteel has always been about improvement, innovation, durability, and aesthetics. When combined, these qualities would not only express UGC’s commitment towards the Filipino people, but also the irreplaceable value that goes along with each of the building materials made. Indeed, every component screams, “Sa Tibay at Ganda Panalo Ka!” 

Still not convinced? You may check out their official website for more details: Take a peek at their product lineup and be amazed at the highquality of all their building components.