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It’s All in the Frame: The Different Types of Ceiling Framing and Accessories

The ceiling framing is a vital aspect when building a home. It becomes one of the primary providers of support for the ceiling and roof, and builders should ensure that the ceiling framing is always well-made. Highest quality roofing materials in the Philippines should be used, and for those who need a guide to know more about ceiling framing materials, parts, and accessories, you may read below.

Wall angle

The wall angle usually determines the overall sharpness of the ceiling. For a dropped ceiling, or secondary ceiling, it is usually L-shaped, with an approximate size of 1” by 1”. When installing the wall angle, it should be noted that it should be kept level and should always be tight against the wall. As it supports the main runners and cross tees that are on the ceiling’s perimeter, the wall angle should be installed securely.

Installing the wall angle is the first step when building a dropped ceiling, and it is usually done before any wiring is in place.

Double furring channel

The double furring channel is usually found on suspended ceilings, as it can support an entire ceiling assembly. It can also be used as nailers for finishing boards, with spacing variations of 0.3, 0.4, and 0.6 meters. The price is based on the average cost per length.

Carrying channel

This is the main support of a suspended ceiling system, on which other furring members or furring channels can attach. The carrying channel, like the double furring channel, is also used on suspended ceilings, and it can also support an entire ceiling assembly. When used alongside a double furring channel, the carrying channel can be used as girders or beams that support the double furring and connect to the hangers. The standard length is 5m, and the price is also based on the average cost per length.

Ceiling hangers

A ceiling hanger may be a wire, rod, or strap that can be attached to an overhead structure to support a conduit, pipe, or overall framework of a suspended ceiling system. It is normally from the excess double furring and/or carrying channels.

UGC Light Metal Frames

Other accessories and connectors

Aside from those mentioned above, some other accessories and connectors are important when building a ceiling framing. Here are some of them:

Blind rivets

Also known as a POP rivet, a blind rivet is usually used when there is no access to the blind (rear) side of a joint. A blind rivet is not material-specific and can combine different types of material. Due to this, blind rivets are used everywhere, such as structural beams, but are also used for machinery, airplanes, RVs, trailers, small electronics, battleships, and even jeans. The wide range of use is due to the fact that there is no way to over-torque or under-torque a rivet. It will install perfectly every time, as long as the diameter and grip range are appropriate.

Rivets have two parts: the rivet body or shell, as well as a stem or mandrel. Both parts are pre-assembled, and rivets are installed by clamping down the joint.

When using a blind rivet, a hole must be drilled first, so that the rivet may be inserted inside the hole. A tool then is used to pull the mandrel against the shell, and the shell expands down towards the material. Once this expansion causes pressure to build, a designed fault within the mandrel will reach its peak force capacity and snap, which then leaves a properly installed rivet.

Tek screws and wafer screws

Both tek and wafer screws are self-drilling screws, which means that there’s no need to drill a hole before installing them. However, the main difference is that due to a tek screw’s self-tapping thread and drilling point, it may be used on soft materials such as wood and thin metal, and can be installed without using a drill. This is not the case for wafer screws.

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