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Decked Just Right: Duradeck as a Catalyst for a Durable Structure

Every structure is built on three important catalysts: the purpose, the aesthetics, and the longevity. The purpose of a structure would often determine its core design. If its purpose is to house residents hoping to experience an elegant living, then a condo unit may very well be the resulting structure. If its purpose is to house various offices, all belonging to different companies and conglomerates, then a corporate tower may be the best choice. If the purpose of a structure is to house a small family, featuring the simple amenities, then a simple suburb-type home would be the architectural goal. Indeed, a purpose determines the plot and end goal of a structure, regardless if they’re big or small.  

Another catalyst would be the aesthetics which would provide a certain personality to the structure. You may have seen a few examples of this during your weekend (or week day) road trips. It’s the corporate towers being lined with high-rise floors of tinted glass, condo units being adorned with classy-styled balconies, and family homes with cozy terraces and front gardens.   

The third and final catalyst is the longevity, the core structure of the building itself. This would determine how often a home or building would need maintenance. Another word for this is durability as every structure must be able withstand the test of time.  

With all of that being said, there is one construction material that touches on all of these catalysts mentioned from the beginning. This particular construction material not only offers durability and aesthetics, but also safety at its very core. This material has always been a part of a construction company’s pre-requisites when building a reliable structure, and as such, will always be present in every project, may it be a simple home or an office space. This material is none other than the deck or decking as often described by architecture experts.  

What is a Deck?
It is a flat surface, capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor, but typically constructed outdoors, often elevated from the ground, and usually connected to a building. If ever the term “deck” sounds familiar, it is because you’d often hear it being referred to as a part of a ship. You may have heard it from pirate or naval movies, and you’re definitely not wrong to think that it has something to do with its word origin. In the olden times, all ships were made of wood, a stark contrast from our modern ships which are metallic as a whole.  

Is it always made of wood?
No, as a matter of fact, modern innovations brought decking materials to a whole new level. For example, modern decking materials are made from galvanized steel. When we say galvanized, we are referring to the process of dipping them in molten zinc, thus eliminating the possibility of rust and other forms of erosion caused by the ever-changing weather. Now, as with wooden decking, they also come in various sizes and specifications, so no matter what you’re planning to build, you’d be able to find the right one which would fit your end structure. 

Remember when we said that one of the major catalysts of every structure is purpose? Well, a modern galvanized deck material would likely present you with options – a lineup of different specifications which would fit right into your architectural design. Gone are the days in which you’d need to cut and grind through your decking materials just to fit them in your structure space. You may just simply choose from a wide range of sizes and install on your preferred workspace.  

Are they still called decking materials? 
These modern variations are known by a term that fittingly describes their durability. Duradeck is the modern name for modern decking. Union Galvasteel offers their own lineup of Duradeck, so be sure to inquire via their official contact numbers for more information.  

Are they only used for houses?
No, as a matter of fact, modern decking materials or Duradeck can be utilized for residential, commercial, and industrial structures.  Their durability and quality somewhat contribute to their flexible nature, which enables them to be used in all facets of the construction industry. As much as there are options when it comes to Duradecks, choosing one type isn’t that bad at all. Of course, you’d still need to choose one which matches with the required specifications. You wouldn’t want an uneven decking after all.  

How do they add to the aesthetics of a structure? 
The purpose of decking is to elevate a particular part of your home or office space. If your goal were to just simply create a separate terrace, then constructing a partition would be sufficient. But decking aims to go beyond the typical terrace, it aims to provide a separate space for relaxation and other light-hearted functions without the need for any partitions.  

Aside from being built above the ground, they are mostly connected to the main building. It is generally enclosed by a railing for safety. Residential decks can be constructed over steep areas or rough ground that is otherwise unusable. So, let’s say that if your home were built on uneven ground, at least you wouldn’t have to pay extra just to have those uneven mounds flattened.  Decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola to control sunlight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your elevated relaxation spot being too hot for comfort.  

So, we’ve discussed the purpose and aesthetics side of a structure which utilizes decking, but how about the longevity? 
Remember, Duradecks are durable enough to withstand strong weather. In such case, this adds to the strong structure that your home may already have due to its foundation and framings. The longevity of your decked section would hold for a long time, given that the material itself is galvanized and that you are able to maintain the deck from time to time.  

Would you like to know more about Duradeck? Perhaps there are further details you would like to clear up regarding these durable construction materials? Don’t be left out. 

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