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Agrarian Roofing in the Philippines: A Guide to Suppliers

The Philippines undergoes the wet and the dry seasons. Throughout these periods, proper covering greatly contributes to the output and security of the country’s pastoral constructions. In the summer, sufficient cover to protect yields and seeds from direct sunlight. Harvests and kernels remain fresh and ready for planting or market.

Adequate Roofing: Keeping Agricultural Structures Efficient and Safe

Fully functioning buildings ensure that a farm’s operations run smoothly. Crop storage facilities protect products from the elements and pests. Livestock shelters safeguard animals against heat, rain, and predators. Garages serve as secure repositories of machinery when these are not in use.

Creatures kept in dwellings with appropriate canopies enjoy good health and high productivity. Suitable roofing wards off predators that can injure or kill estate critters. The need for potentially dangerous pesticides is hence eliminated. Beasts go about sheds without getting poisoned. Leak-free dwellings insulate homestead animals from the rain and cold.

For example, herds kept in barns with decent awnings do not experience heat stress. A healthy cow generates more, and better-quality milk compared to an ailing one. Greater quantities of milk supplied means more income for the dairy farmer.

Because the animals are safe from buzzards, farm owners no longer must spend on veterinary treatments for wounded cattle or buy new oxen to supplant the dead ones. Neither do they have to purchase pesticides, guaranteeing the well-being and safety of both cows and plantation workers. Farmhands do not risk inhaling toxic fumes while tending to livestock. Moreover, properly quartered springers are less susceptible to illnesses compared to those that are constantly exposed to wet weather.

Correct housing prolongs the lifespan of farming tools. These are guarded against daylight exposure, avoiding damages due to overheating. Ranch proprietors thus end up with lower apparatus repair and replacement expenditures. 

Having a decent roofing during the rainy period prevents water from drenching crops, pips, beasts, and implements. Keeping produce and pits in a waterproof area averts rotting as a result of mold and mildew contamination. The shelf lives of yields and nuts are extended, rendering these fit for consumption, selling, or sowing.

The right covering allows a croft to become productive all year round. Regardless of the weather, crops stay fresh, animals are constantly healthy, and acreage gadgets always operate properly. Estate activities are unhampered by problems such as ruined harvests, ailing creatures, or damaged contraptions.

What Should a Builder Purchase from a Supplier? 

A contractor erecting or improving the covering of an agricultural complex in the Philippines must come up with a cover design that can endure the nation’s climate. Every component that he or she will procure, and use should further this goal. Such peripherals include the following:

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are extremely durable. These are fire and termite-resistant, and can withstand hot weather and strong typhoons for many years without becoming brittle or rusty. Property owners will therefore pay less on treatments and maintenance. In addition, metal canopies offer installation flexibility. Coming in different dimensions, designs, and colors, these can be used on various types of agrarian edifices.

Union Galvasteel Corporation (UGC) offers a wide range of metal roofs which undergo precise testing to meet structural requirements. These have two variants: Pre-painted hot-dip zinc-coated steel coils and pre-painted hot-dip 55% aluminum-zinc coated steel coils. Both the pre-painted hot-dip zinc-coated steel coil and pre-painted hot-dip 55% aluminum-zinc coated steel coil delivers reliable heat protection, and dependable defense against the sun and rain. Our metal roofs are likewise available in assorted sizes, patterns, and shades. Whether you have a granary or a horse stable, we have the covering that makes it weather-proof and aesthetically appealing.

Insulated Panels

Insulated panels boost the energy efficiency of agricultural buildings. These keep pastoral structures cool in the summer by reflecting the excess heat that enter the canopies of these assemblies. The need for air conditioning units is thus limited, slashing proprietors’ electricity bills.  

UGC’s Duratherm insulated panel series are ideal for sylvan piles. The Standard Polyurethane (PU) Panel has an insulation thickness of 25mm – 200mm, enabling it to absorb the heat conducted by roofing parts like wood and metal studs. Consequently, it is appurtenant for facilities where perishable items are stocked―a nippy storage place is essential in upholding the newness of putrescible.

The Roofing PU Panel is congruous for critter lodgings. With an insulation thickness of 10mm-50mm, it effectively shields the latter’s metal coverings from ammonia fumes. The canopies of farm creatures’ dwellings last longer, saving grange holders money.

Steel Building System / Light Metal Frames

Contractors creating roofing for croft complexes from scratch should use steel building system and light metal framing. It is a building method that utilizes galvanized cold-formed C-sections of varying proportions. The supplier rollforms each C-section according to the project’s specifications beforehand. Once they obtain the frames, the roofers just have to form these into a truss. They do not need to measure and cut these anymore, allowing them to accomplish the venture faster.

Despite their buoyancy, steel building system and light metal framing are impervious to fire, termites and disasters. These hence greatly contribute to the longevity of estate erections. Steading structures become operative for many years, consistently bringing earnings to owners. 

UGC’s steel building system and light metal framing are convenient and cost-effective. Using state of the art roll forming machines, we cut these into standard sizes. Our frames are then subjected to quality control to spot possible manufacturing errors. Consequently, work disruptions because of defective pieces are forestalled.

As soon as the metal frames are completed, our authorized haulers drop these off straight to the construction area. Roofers can set up the frames immediately and finish the job ahead of schedule. Our clients are likewise spared the hassle of spending extra on third-party logistics services and dealing with late or missing shipments.

With our steel building system and light metal framing, roofers will come up with a coverage that is safe against blazes and white ants and endures typhoons and earthquakes. Plantation piles turn into facilities that efficiently and reliably store crops, beasts, and agrarian implements. Safeguarded assets translate to smooth and profitable ranch affairs.

Better Farms, Better Society

Prosperous homesteads ultimately benefit the entire Philippines and not just growers. When they enjoy plentiful harvests, they have more to distribute throughout the country. Filipinos will be adequately fed without the government relying on imported foodstuffs. Citizens will receive enough nutrition for them to become healthy and productive.

Thriving acreages also stimulate the economy. These become suppliers of various jobs, including food processing, packaging, and selling. People will have enough money for their needs, such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Communities’ overall well-being is therefore ensured.

Union Galvasteel Corporation provides roofing materials, systems, and accessories that suit agricultural buildings in the Philippines. For more information about our products, call our Calamba office at tel. nos. (02) 8520-8823; 8520-8831 Trunk line or (049) 545-0084 to 86 Trunk line or click here.

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