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The Wonderful World of Pre-Engineered Building Structures (PEBS)

Gone are the days when building structures would take such a long time to complete. With the advancement in technology today, architecture and construction have become more convenient. This brings so many advantages. Imagine that a hospital that could take months or even years to build before would now just take weeks to complete. This would be beneficial as it means the hospital can start serving sick people immediately. But how exactly can this amazingly quick feat be achieved? One particular way to accomplish this is by utilizing Pre-Engineered Building Structures (PEBS). Continue reading to know more about this technology.

What is PEBS?

Pre-Engineered Building Structures, as the name implies, refers to building components that are pre-designed and pre-fabricated, usually in a factory. In PEBS, parts of a building or structure like roofing, cladding, and steel deck, are designed using a computer-based on specific requirements. They are then manufactured and sent to the site, where they will be assembled to construct a structure. It is unlike conventional building methods where most components are built on site. Most PEBS are steel structures, which are used as an alternative to conventional steel buildings. They are usually utilized to build warehouses, factories, retail stores, offices, and health facilities. The use of PEBS has been increasing in popularity, which should not be a surprise because it offers benefits and advantages. What advantages are we talking about here? Read on.

Why is PEBS better than conventional buildings?

Perhaps the most common reason behind the use of PEBS is that it reduces the time it takes to complete the construction of a building. Once a design is approved, it will take just weeks, usually 6 to 8, to complete the construction, depending on its scale. This is such an advantage because it lets people occupy the structure immediately. This means businesses can start operating soon and have a faster return on investments. On the other hand, conventional buildings could take up to 24 years to complete.

Another advantage that comes with the reduction in construction time is the cost reduction. The faster turnaround time means a fewer number of working days. This, in turn, lessens expenses on labor, transportation, and other costs associated with construction. A conventional building would require heavy equipment, which could also waste materials aside from being very expensive to rent or own. Unlike with PEBS that uses computers to calculate the number of materials to be used to avoid wastage, conventional building methods could only estimate the number of material requirements. Ordering too much could lead to wastage/ also, materials used in PEBS can be lower than those used in conventional buildings.

Just because it is fast and cheap doesn’t mean it’s of low quality. Designing and manufacturing of components are done in a factory under controlled conditions, guaranteeing quality. Also, using computer software allows precise measurement of components to be used. On the other hand, manufacturing components on-site may be challenging to manage due to the various factors and elements which may affect the execution. PEBS is also very durable. They can last for decades when properly maintained, just like conventional buildings. PEBS is built to adhere to building codes and standards. Their specialized framings and connections make them withstand or seismic activities such as earthquakes.

PEBS are also known for their flexibility. Revisions before construction can be made easier with the use of a computer. Also, with PEBS, buildings can be expanded easily just by adding bays. Coordination for changes is usually done only through one team. On the other hand, in a conventional building, changes may require coordinating with different suppliers and contractors, especially if the changes are extensive.

We at Union Galvasteel can attest to the benefits of PEBS. We have utilized them in pharmaceutical warehouses, beverage plants, and healthcare facilities. With PEBS, we have helped different industries store their products correctly and be able to deliver these products on time to their intended customers, making us a silent partner in fulfilling their mission.

Our roofing products are fit to use for PEBS. These include Duraseam, Dura Hi-Rib, Mega Hirib, Durarib and PU Rib. Our Minirib can be used for cladding. It has a strong resistance to vertical pressure. Our roof’s paint system is oven baked Oil free Polyester topcoat over a corrosion-resistant Primer with Oil free Polyester backing coat.

Aside from roofing and cladding, we also cater customized-design gutters, windows, and doors for PEBS. To learn more about PEBS, get in touch with us via our website, or you may call these numbers for assistance: (02) 8520-8823; 8520-8831; (049) 545-0084 to 86. Our mobile numbers are 09175033965 and 09190032303.

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