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Rain Gutter Quick Fixes That You Can “Do-It-Yourself”

Cleaning gutters is never a fun chore. However, putting it off can cause structural damage eventually, and a costly replacement when a repair is not an option anymore. So, it’s important to know how to fix leaking gutters before it worsens.

Gutters constantly battle against harsh weather elements, and the Philippines is no stranger to thunderstorms. About 20 typhoons batter the country every. That’s why it’s essential that you protect the roof of your home and prevent simple rain gutter issues because water runs off the mill from there.

Common Rain Gutter Problems

Maintaining gutters is not as tedious as it seems. Here are a few DIY fixes you can do when you experience some gutter dilemma:

Problem 1: Clogging

The most common gutter problem in every household is clogging. When gutters become clogged, they can’t drain properly and tend to overflow during rainstorms. A clogged gutter can lead to further damage and

DIY quick fix:

Be ready to take on a dirty job and clean the gutter to remove the debris that obstructs water flow. Wear protective gloves when cleaning your gutter to avoid cuts and scratches. You can also install gutter guards to save time on regular gutter maintenance. Gutter guards come in various styles and can easily be installed. These guards protect stainless steel gutters from premature rust and corrosion.

Problem 2: Leaking

Homeowners will notice a leaking gutter during heavy rains but tend to forget to check their gutters after. A leaking gutter can slowly erode the underlying support and foundation below the leak, so don’t neglect simple gutter leaks and holes.

DIY quick fix: Sealants and patches

Gutter sealants are a great way to repair leaky seams, while patching kits are needed for larger holes. Sealants and patch kits are available at your nearest hardware store and don’t cost a lot. They also come with instructions on how to fix leaking gutters. Keep one in stock as preparation. You can also act before it rains.

If you live in an area frequently hit by typhoons during the rainy season, try pouring water on the roof and gutters to identify the exact source of leaks. To pinpoint leaks and holes, you can also check for water marks left behind by previous rainy seasons.

Problem 3: Sagging gutters

Debris and leaves clogging your gutters is the culprit for causing them to sag. When your rain gutter slumps, it invites water to stay there and prevents proper drainage into the ground. This leads to excess stress on that gutter section and may cause further sagging.

DIY quick fix:

You can try pushing the gutter back into position if the sag is minor. You can also tighten the screws or rehang the sagging portion of the gutter. If you choose to replace the hangers, make sure that they are not spaced too far apart.

Problem 4: Improper slope

A tilted gutter is quite challenging to spot, and homeowners usually do not know how to fix the gap between the roof and the gutter. You might see if your gutter isn’t draining correctly, but you don’t see any visible leaks. A slanted gutter can lead to standing water or even water pooling in your gutter.

DIY quick fix:

Remove the gutter pegs on the side and around the corner to adjust the gutter slope. With a screwdriver, loosen the drip edge and use a hammer or a crowbar to loosen the gutter and adjust it accordingly. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this.

When to repair or replace your roof gutters?

Gutters are meant to be on your roof forever. They are meant to be replaced, especially when they have already served time to protect your home. Knowing when to repair or replace your rain gutters depends on your maintenance. You can’t neglect your gutters and expect them to work without leaks or issues.

Small leaks and holes and some minor clogging issues will call for repairs that even you can do on your own. However, some damages could signal that your rain gutter is nearing the end of its lifespan, and a replacement would be the most practical solution. Rust and corrosion are signs of decay and call for a guttering system replacement before the old one does more damage.

If you need to employ a roofing professional to handle tricker jobs, make sure that you find an expert with a good record of accomplishment who is trusted by Filipinos, like Union Galvasteel Corporation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more about roof flashing.

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Roof Gutter Supplier in the Philippines

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