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Light Metal Frames and the Philippines’ Roofing Contractors

The high demand for wood in the Philippines accelerated deforestation and illegal logging in the country. The nation’s daily denudation rate is estimated to be at 1,900 hectares (4,695 acres). The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) claimed that “rampant illegal logging and lack of security in protected areas” cost the state roughly 47,000 hectares of forest cover annually.

The government’s response to illicit logging included issuing two key directives that aim to stop it. In 2010, the DENR issued Memorandum Order No. 9, a notice prohibiting the processing and acceptance of applications for logging contracts. A year later, erstwhile president Benigno Aquino III signed Executive Order (EO) No. 23, which forbade logging in all natural and residual forests nationwide and established an anti-illegal logging task force. EO 23 also ordered the DENR to “close [down]…sawmills, veneer plants, and other wood processing plants that are unable to present proof of sustainable sources of legally cut logs for a period of at least five years within one month from effectivity of this EO.”

With timber suddenly becoming scarce in the palatinate due to the aforementioned decrees, contractors turned to light steel framing as an alternative. Rather than lumber frames, the said building technique uses galvanized cold-formed C sections that can be as long as 6 meters. This shift from wood to light metal frames has the following advantages:


Faster Turnaround Time

The C-sections used in light metal frames are already rollformed. The manufacturer measures, shapes and cuts each part before delivering these to the worksite. The pieces are likewise subjected to quality control to ensure conformance with the required specifications and dimensions. The chances of coming up with defective components due to human error are eliminated. 

Once the metal frames reach the project’s location, the roofers simply have to assemble these into a truss. Since they no longer have to prepare the frames, they can focus exclusively on forming the truss, resulting in an excellent output. They will not be tempted to take time-saving shortcuts that can lead to costly mistakes. The structure will be completed properly and ahead of schedule.

Union Galvasteel Corporation (Ugc) Uses Modernized Rollforming Machines To Cut Light Metal Frames into standard sizes. We subsequently generate these under controlled conditions to establish consistent value. Roofers will therefore find our metal frames convenient to use. They can immediately set these up without prior gauging and severing, greatly slashing construction timelines.


Reduced Transport Costs

Light metal frames weigh less and are easier to ferry and lift than wood. Peripherals can be delivered using smaller and fewer vehicles, allowing builders to save on fuel. Consequently, their erection venture will be accomplished within budget.

UGC brings light metal frames directly to job areas through its accredited haulers. Clients do not need to look and pay for separate freight services. Aside from helping them save money, this also averts problems like delayed shipments and misdelivered cargo.


Safe from Fires and Disasters

Steel frames can endure extremely high amounts of heat. A fire can easily gut down timber frames, yet metal frames will remain untouched. Steel frames hence provide protection against fires that damage property and kill people.

If a property is to be erected on a disaster-prone area, it would be sensible to use Light Metal Frames. Properties Of Light Metal Frames can withstand strong earthquakes and typhoons, rendering it safer than wood frame edifices. Developers that use light metal frames in their jobs will eventually be trusted by clients as makers of secure structures. This confidence ultimately translates to greater patronage and profits.

UGC’s light metal frames are lightweight but strong and fireproof. These are ideal for creating complexes in the Philippinesa country where natural calamities are commonplace. With our metal frames, a roof truss withstands blazes, cyclones, and earthquakes better. Such durability turns the truss into an investment that will last for years to come.


Because light metal frames are made out of C sections, the need for wood in construction is decreased. A diminished demand for wood ultimately curbs indiscriminate logging.

Furthermore, steel is recyclable, which means discarded C sections can be rehased for other development projects. Repurposed C sections consume fewer resources such as fuel, electricity, and water and produce less waste. Using these can thus render a contractor eligible for professional certifications as a “green” firm.

Manufacturing light metal frames is UGC’s way of making the country’s construction industry more sustainable. Creating a wooden roof truss involves bringing heaps of timber onsite, with roofers cutting these to the necessary sizes. The worksite would be inevitably filled with lumber castoffs afterwards.

Our metal frames, in sharp contrast, are ready-made. Upon arriving at the building place, these simply have to be put together to form a roof truss. The ground ends up free or limited metal of scrap metal as a result.

The aforementioned benefits, however, come with the drawbacks below:

Lower Margin of Error

Being pre-cut, light metal frames arrive at the work area completed. If a piece happens to have an incorrect measurement, it cannot be altered onsite. The builders will have to return it to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

UGC’S Light Metal Frames are designed to precisely follow our customer’s cutting list. Hence, we provide our customers with peace of mind, as they know that their projects will not experience interruptions due to faulty items.


New Equipment and Expertise Required

The methods and tools used in generating steel trusses are different from those employed in creating wood trusses. Unless the developer already has prior experience in metal construction, then it will have to purchase machinery that is used for assembling steel trusses. It should likewise look for roofers who know how to operate these gadgets. Upon hiring these workers, it will have to pay them higher wages because of their specialized skills.

UGC’s certified contractors, however, posses the latest metal roofing tools and equipment. In addition, our builders’ crew are proficient in the most recent metal roofing methods. We do not encounter issues like lack of machinery and personnel, so we are able to adhere to project schedules.


A Path to More Sustainable Building

The growing popularity of light metal frames in Philippines will adjust how the nation’s roofing enterprises operate. But these changes will have positive long-term corporate and environmental effects. Illicit logging and deforestation will be reduced. Contractors will attain greater efficiency, high quality output, diminished costs, and strong client confidence, all of which will guarantee better business continuity.

Union Galvasteel Corporation manufactures, delivers, and installs high-quality light metal frames for residential, commercial, and government clients. For more information about our products, call our Calamba office at tel. nos. (02) 8520-8823; 8520-8831 Trunkline or (049) 545-0084 to 86 Trunkline or click here.

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