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The Impact of UGC’s Pre-Engineered Building Structures (PEBS) in the Filipino Community

Union Galvasteel has come a long way since it first began its operation in 1963 as the Union Steel Plant Division of the Bacnotan Cement Industries, Inc. From a galvanizing plant, we are now the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of prepainted and other galvanized roofing and galvanized steel building products such as building system components.

Our slogan “Sa Tibay at Ganda Panalo Ka!” shows our commitment to provide quality products and services. However, more than developing innovative construction solutions, we aim to create better lives for Filipinos. By creating communities where people live, work, and prosper, we contribute to nation-building.

“There’s no place like home,” as the saying goes. But a home is not a home without proper roofing, which we have been providing to different communities across the countries. We manufacture and install prepainted and galvanized roofing for various residential projects, such as subdivisions, high-end and medium-rise apartments, condominiums, ensuring the homeowners are protected from the various threats, natural or otherwise, they may come their way.

Beyond homes, we have also offered our services to different industries. We provided roofing installation services to a manufacturing plant in Bulacan, which provides jobs for Filipinos in the agricultural sector. By delivering safe structures for the plant’s employees, we are proud to be a contributor to the productivity of these hardworking individuals. We also worked with poultry and piggery farms.

Consumption is one of the main drivers of the economy. By providing our products and services to commercial establishments to shopping malls and warehouses, we further drive the economy.

We’ve also partnered with government institutions for some projects, helping complete churches, recreational facilities like astrodomes and covered courts, and mass housing projects. We are honored to be part of such undertakings that contribute to community building.

We are also proud to have worked on the roofing of educational institutions such as the Southwestern University in Cebu. It warms our hearts, knowing that the country’s future leaders and movers are well-protected while studying because of our service.

Now more than ever, due to the ongoing pandemic, healthcare facilities have become very important. We are happy to play a role in keeping these facilities in excellent condition with our products and services. We are glad to be protecting our hardworking front liners during this pandemic by providing them durable and reliable roofing over their head.

Union Galvasteel Pre-Engineered Building Structures

Some of the projects we mentioned would not have been possible without our Pre-Engineered Building Structures or PEBS. PEBS are steel structures entirely fabricated as designed under the specifications of our customers. These are pre-designed steel structures and components using computers. After fabrication, these materials and structures are shipped to the site completely knocked down. Only when they arrive on-site will these structures be erected.

Pre-Engineered Buildings provide various advantages. First, quality is assured as structures are manufactured entirely in the factory under controlled conditions. Next, structures can be easily expanded. Adding additional bays expands the structure’s length. Expansion in width and height is also available by pre-designing for future expansions. Last but not least, structures can have large clear spans, up to around 80M.

We utilize PEBS to come up with roofing and cladding. You may be familiar with roofing, but what about cladding? While roofing is what is on the topmost part of a structure, cladding acts as a cover to a structure’s external walls. It is used mostly to improve a structure’s aesthetics, but it also has other functions. Just like roofs, cladding can prevent wind and rain from penetrating a structure. In some cases, it acts as a fire retardant and thermal or sound insulator. For the similarities, both roofing and cladding can be made of various materials and can come in different colors.

Products that we use for PEBS include Duraseam, Duratwin, Dura Hi-Rib, Durarib, Duracorr, Minirib, and PU Rib. Our Minirib can be used for cladding. It has a strong resistance to vertical pressure.

Aside from roofing and cladding, we also pre-design steel decks, gutters, windows, and doors for PEBS. To learn more about PEBS, get in touch with us via our website, or you may call these numbers for assistance: (02) 8520-8823; 8520-8831; (049) 545-0084 to 86. Our mobile numbers are 09175033965 and 09190032303.

Union Galvasteel has always been a contributor to nation-building by creating spaces that ensure safety, uplift well-being, and promote the development of skills and productivity of Filipinos. We take pride in the projects we undertake, knowing that they significantly impact the community and nation.

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