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Standard PU Panels: What Are They and Their Uses

Metal roof is one of the best roofing materials to have on your home and commercial or industrial structures due to its durability. Everyone needs a strong roof over their head because the roof protects a structure from various threats – from natural to man-made. You need a home that will keep you warm during rainy nights and cool during summer days. However, did you know that not all metal roofs are the same? Most metal roofs installed in homes are made of single panels, which can provide ample protection from various weather elements. However, a better type of metal roof can do more than that. That type of roof is made of insulated PU panels. Know more about insulated PU panels types and other roofing materials in the Philippines from Union Galvasteel Corporation.

What are insulated PU panels?

Insulated Polyurethane or PU panel is a roofing structure that is composed of three layers – two outer skins usually made of metal and polyurethane foam in between the two skins. This composition is also the reason this material is called Polyurethane Sandwich Panel. What is polyurethane, you may ask? It may not be something you hear about often, but polyurethane is actually common around you. It’s a synthetic plastic material used in shoes, appliances, and cars. It’s the flexible foam in your bed, the sole of your shoes, and the cushion in your sofa.

Polyurethane is a popular material because it provides various benefits, some of which are its high load capacity, strong bonding ability, flexibility, and economical manufacturing process. It is also resistant to water, oil and grease, mold, mildew, and fungus. When used as a coating, polyurethane serves as a protective finish that resists tear and abrasion, making the surface long-lasting and easy to maintain. Because of the amazing properties of polyurethane, it is found in various consumer and industrial products that make our lives comfortable.

In construction and industrial setting, polyurethane is a popular thermal insulator. What this means is that businesses save on energy costs because they consume less electricity used to control an area’s temperature. This property also makes it an ideal roofing material.

Insulated PU Panels Types

Benefits of Insulated PU Panels

As roofing materials, PU panels provide tons of benefits. First, they are durable and expected to last as long as the lifespan of the structure it protects. It is also fire-resistant. Another benefit is its quick and easy installation because it requires only a few materials to be installed. Quick installation means lower labor cost, which brings us to the next benefit – economical. It can save you from paying high electricity bills because of insulation properties.

Are you convinced of the various benefits of insulated PU panels? Lucky for you, we have PU roofing panels under our Duratherm line. Our Duratherm roofs have a rigid foam insulation layer between two metal skin surfaces. Its core is made of Polyurethane or Polyisocyanurate that form a strong bond to the outer skin, creating a strong panel. The facings are fully bonded to the core so that the panel acts compositely when under load. The core material is usually a material that provides good thermal insulation properties. They are guaranteed to be very durable, so they can protect your home and family from external threats such as bad weather. Also, its sheating has USDA-approved coating with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 72. SRI refers to the reflective property of the material. The higher the SRI, the better it reflects sunrays, helping the structure keep cool inside. Despite being lightweight, our Duratherm panels are very strong, making them one of the best roofing materials for residential and commercial structures.

Insulated PU panels are used not only as a roofing material. You can also have them on walls, ceilings, and storage spaces. Our Standard PU Panels are stronger than traditional wood framing and less susceptible to shifting. They are also energy efficient.

Insulated PU panels indeed are widely used. Union Galvasteel Corporation has completed various projects using this material. They are found in general buildings like offices, factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, laboratories, and mobile homes. They are also used in the agriculture industry, for growing rooms or rooms that need to have controlled temperature. We also had drying rooms for timber, fruits, and ceramic products that utilized these products. In the food industry, they are commonly used for cold storage, food processing and production plants, and commercial chillers.

Our insulated PU panels come in different colors like red, blue, brown, white, beige, and green. So whatever color you have in mind for your home or commercial establishment, we have something for you.

Where to Get Insulated PU Panel in the Philippines?

Now that you know about Polyurethane Sandwich Panel, you may be looking for a reliable insulated panel supplier Philippines, so you can upgrade your roof. UGC is the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of prepainted and other galvanized roofing as well as insulated panels for commercial, industrial, and residential use. We have the largest and most diversified distribution network in the industry, with roll forming plants, warehouses, and sales offices in strategic locations throughout the country. Get in touch with us via our website or call these numbers for assistance: (02) 8520-8822-23; 8520-8831; (049) 545-0084 to 86 or 09175033965 (Globe) and 09190032303 (Smart).

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