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How to Check the Quality of Your Building Materials

If you are a roofing contractor in the Philippines, the quality of the service you deliver should be next to nothing. If you’ve been doing this for quite some time, you probably have mastered this already, but if you’re just starting, you may still need help.

Given that you already have the skills, what you should ensure is that the quality of materials that you will use in your projects is within the construction materials’ quality standards. No matter how great your project execution is, if you use substandard materials, it will reflect on you as a contractor. For example, if one heavy rain could destroy the roof, your client may complain, and it may get around. Sometimes it takes just one bad feedback to ruin your construction career. So how do you check the quality of your building materials? Read this construction materials quality guide.

Base Metal Thickness (BMT) and Total Coated Thickness (TCT)

For the most common type of roofing material in the Philippines—metal roofs—it is important to know the base metal thickness or BMT.

Base metal thickness, or substrate thickness, is a measurement of the thickness of structural metal, excluding any coatings like paint. Usually, BMT is measured in microns. The proper thickness range of metal materials would depend on their alloy composition. For example, chromium is 80-100 microns thick before cleaning. Steel is 48 to 52 microns thick, while stainless steel is 40-50. Aluminum is about 4.5-6.0 microns thick. A micron is equivalent to .00004 inches or 1 millionth of one meter.

Total coated thickness or TCT, just like BMT, measures the thickness of metal materials. However, TCT includes coatings like paints and primers, so it will always be thicker than BMT.
For BMT and TCT, the thicker is usually the stronger. Certain construction projects may also require you to have specific BMT or TCT, so check that your materials meet this requirement.

What is Coating Mass

Coating mass refers to the amount or percentage of materials that coat metal. Examples of materials used as coating are zinc, aluminum, or other alloys. The coating protects the metal roof from damage and corrosion, but the coating materials must be within a certain percentage range to be effective.

Know About Roof Paint

Paint adds another layer of protection to roofing materials. The best type of paint to use would depend on the roof material. For metal roofs, acrylic paint is a top choice if you’re painting roofs. However, what’s better than this is buying pre-painted roofs instead. As the name suggests, pre-painted roofs are roofs that no longer require painting as they are already painted when you buy them. They are made of various materials and are available in different colors to match any home project theme. Aside from the protection they provide, these pre-painted roofs also improve your project’s aesthetics. Compared to the commonly used unpainted corrugated galvanized iron or G.I. roofs, pre-painted roofs offer more benefits aside from being eye-catching and colorful.

Depending on the materials used, pre-painted roofs are easy to install, have a very long lifespan, and help you save on energy costs. Pre-painted metal roofs can be tailored according to specific requirements, making them easy to install. Also, the layer of paint prevents corrosion, making roofs last longer. You don’t have to worry about your client complaining about a damaged roof.

The paint also deflects the sun’s heat, limiting the amount of heat that enters your home. This helps keep homes cool, and your client will thank you for it because they don’t have to use air conditioning frequently, which can raise their electricity consumption and costs.

Union Galvasteel building

Roofing Manufacturer in the Philippines

The source of your roofing materials is also important to ensure their quality. With all the suppliers out there, you might be tempted to go with just the one offering the best rates. However, you should also look at the reputation of the manufacturer. It is best to go with a roofing manufacturer in the Philippines that has been long trusted in the construction industry, like Union Galvasteel Corporation or UGC. UGC has been providing high-quality, durable, and beautiful roofing and steel building materials since 1963. That’s almost 60 years! Their longevity in the industry is an indicator of the quality of products that they produce.

UGC offers pre-painted roofs that are very durable, environment-friendly, and cost-efficient. Aside from roofing panels, UGC also has roofing accessories such as gutters and flashings, and light steel frames. If you need them, UGC can also provide you with pre-engineered building structures or PEBS.

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