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Against the Weather: Choosing the Correct Roofing Materials for Your Home

The changes in weather in the Philippines have become similar to surviving a round of extreme sports. The rain will be torrential — even vicious — one moment and then would transform into hot and humid in an instant. The air would be calm and still in the morning, and then the winds would whip mercilessly by nighttime. Given this, builders and homeowners should find the right roofing manufacturer in the Philippines, so that they can build roofs that could withstand the crazy weather changes in the country.

Here are the different types of roofing materials offered by Union Galvasteel, the best roofing manufacturer in the Philippines:


This provides superior strength due to its sinusoidal corrugation, and will not be easily dented even amidst the harshest weather conditions. Due to its durability, thanks to the equally distributed corrugation, it is the top choice for warehouses, manufacturing plants, conventional housing projects, poultry houses, and even schools.

However, it is also a good choice for industrial, commercial, and residential projects, as the Duracorr is reliable and simple. It is for the classic type of roof.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective roofing material that can withstand strong winds, then the Duracurve is perfect for you. The arc tri-crimp design protects from the harsh forces, but also adds an edgy look to any structure. It is economical and low-maintenance, making it the perfect choice for covered courts, domes, walkways, gymnasiums, and even high residential buildings.


If wetness and moisture are what you’re up against, then the Duraseam is the best choice. It is mechanically seamed for enhanced tightness to repel water. There are no holes from screws that could allow moisture to seep through. This type of roof has a long lifespan, with a very steep slope, and looks elegant as there are no screws untidily sticking out. It is best for commercial and industrial structures, though can also be used for other purposes.


Do you need better protection against stormy weather? The Duratwin is made to protect against both wind and rainwater. With its overlap and sidelap design, it offers protection from wind uplift and provides better leak prevention. It is ideal for industrial buildings, mass housing projects, and typical warehouses.


There’s now no more need to worry about the torrential rain, as the Hi-Rib is designed to withstand large volumes of rainwater. With its deep corrugation design and 50mm height, there is little possibility that the rib will be submerged during heavy downfall. No more leaks, no more wetness indoors.

It can be installed in huge, long-span gymnasiums, warehouses, and almost all flat roof structures.

Mega Hi-Rib

For maximum drain capacity, the Mega Hi-Rib offers a deep corrugation design and the tallest rib height to withstand copious amounts of rainwater. There’s no flat surface in the Mega Hi-Rib, which makes it perfect for industrial plants with long spans and steep slopes.


LaVerne has a wide range of uses, from mass housing projects to high-end residential buildings. It is easy to install but provides a stronger panel design with leak protection. Furthermore, it creates an illusion of a concrete roof, which makes it not only simple and durable but elegant as well.

Ceiling and Cladding Materials

Ceiling and cladding materials should also be taken into consideration when thinking of building a roof. Ceiling materials are often panels or other lightweight materials that can be used to cover ceilings, while cladding materials provide an extra layer of protection outside of buildings to combat the elements. Here are two that may be used:


Ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, the Duraspandrel can be used to cover any exposed surface. For better airflow, it can come pre-punched with ventilation holes to help with warm weather. This is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings and can be used for cladding, eaves, and even walls.


For protection against rainwater and possible leaks, but minus the deep corrugation, the Minirib offers strong, yet subtle resistance to pressure and wetness. It may be used for mass housing projects, residential spaces, poultry farms, and smaller warehouses.

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Union Galvasteel is a total steel solutions company and a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of galvanized roofing and galvanized steel building products. With over five decades of expertise in the construction materials industry, we always strive to create the best products. This is achieved only through adhering to operational excellence, the use of the best tools available, and taking care of our human resources. We always seek to explore creative, innovative, and environment-friendly ways to push the boundaries in our industry.

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