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Protecting Your Home against the Rainy Season

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It’s never easy to beat the rain when it comes to securing the home. It’s no easy feat to make sure things don’t topple and fall apart, much like the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. In this case, the big bad wolf is the rain and one of the pigs is the homeowner. Case in point, there comes a need to choose the right materials when building a house. If one knows that there is a metaphorical wolf to make it topple down, a metaphorical pig must be wise enough in picking the right and quality materials in building a house.

Damage from strong winds and rainwater is not a joke, so it’s best to come prepared every time it comes along. Sometimes the current construction of the house would not suffice and fall victim to natural calamities. So moving forward, here are several tips, tricks, and techniques to make sure one’s house is safe and secure.

Have a technician or contractor install a backwater valve in the sewer line

It’s commonplace in this country to suffer from flooding due to negligence and incompetence when it comes to fixing drainages and sewages in the streets. When the hard and heavy rains hit, floods usually occur and this amount of water usually pushes dirty water from the inside back into the sewage pipes and the homes. Well, that is if one doesn’t have a backwater valve installed. This nifty device ensures that water can only escape from the household but never letting outside water enter. Think of it as a door that can only be opened from the inside. Ask a professional to install this inside the sewage system line.

Always have the roof checked for leaks and probably points of breakage from time to time

This may seem something that’s time and cost consuming to no avail, but it’s better to go for the prevention rather than seeking the cure when things go far south fast. Call a professional over to check the roof for places that might have water seep in or certain parts that look like they’re about to give. Heavy rains and winds are no simple feat to fight against, so make sure that the ceiling is always protected.

Always have your gutters cleaned from clogs especially if there are a lot of trees near your house

The roof can only be as good as the gutter. If it’s clogged and unable to dispose of the rainwater it collects, that’s sure to be a big source of problems moving forward. If a lot of water collects in the gutter before it gets cleaned, it can seep into areas it shouldn’t be in and also bring some weight to make the gutter probably detach itself from the roof. There are two ways to go about this. It’s either the homeowner learns how to climb up the roof and clean it themselves or an easier option would be to have a professional clean it for them instead.

Double-check and make sure the seals on your house’s openings are tight and shut.

This easily includes all doors and windows that the rain can have access to.  Rain damage is no joke and it’s very costly to fix when it manifests. If a seeping hole is accidentally overlooked for a house, a lot of damages may occur in a simple passing of heavy rain and winds. To easily rid this as a probable thing to worry about shortly, make sure to caulk up all openings and edges that need a retouch. It may be hard work, but it’s harder to work on structural and water damage if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP.

Consider having your house insured for calamities that you’d never be able to foresee

Several insurance companies can easily take over the care and well-being of your homes, especially for natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, and floods. This easily makes your house safe only for the cost of a monthly fee. One may think they’re throwing good money down the drain, but being insured easily lifts the stress of probable home loss in the future out of one’s head.

Prevention can only be as good as the things one is using for it to manifest. This being said, only top-quality materials can ensure a proper house for heavy rains or typhoons. The key here would always be to focus on getting the best possible roofing in the Philippines. This is where Union Galvasteel Corporation comes into the picture. They provide complete range of steel roofing, steel decking, metal furring, C-Purlins & W-Clips. UGC offers the best quality metal roofing products, roofing accessories and solutions in the Philippines. They give competitive prices. It is a trusted brand known for its superior quality and affordability.

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