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Metal Furring: Applying a Suitable Ceiling Frame in Any Kind of Building

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Ever heard of a Metal furring? It’s a long stretch of light metal used to form a support system for construction. It comes in different lengths and sizes because they all vary in types of use. But commonly, it’s long pieces of metal in the shape of a hat. Sometimes it only comes in the shape of a staple wire, but the brimming of a hat helps because the protrusion gives way for things to be attached to make up for a stronger structure. A more rare type is a Z-shaped metal furring, acting as a connector by having the two parallel flanges serve as a point of connection for rivets, screws, or nails.

When metal furring is perfectly intertwined, it creates a sort of net or structure that is called a metal furring system. This structure is where one would attach things on both ends, with one end usually being on the side to stick on and on the other end is a certain finishing material. The furring usually gets sandwiched and is unseen when a structure gets finished.

It’s not that complicated to put up a metal furring system as long as one has the right knowledge to back up what they’re about to put up. Of course, it would take a certain amount of skill, but it’s not that far as one would have tried and learn to make bread, stoke fire, or even ride a bike. Consider it a basic life skill that one can have in their repository of unique things that they know and can do. So below is a quick guide to checking out how to put up a functional metal furring system.

Installing A Metal Furring System

So after picking out the desired ceiling material and type of tile that’s to be propped up there, it’s time to figure out how to have furring strips to attach them all accordingly and make up for a ceiling with a very clean and aesthetic finish. Check out the steps below!

Double-check everything and make sure to measure more than once.

There is zero room for error when it comes to kinds of work like these. Not only is the work going to be permanent, but it’s also quite expensive to replace if ever something goes wrong. It’s a commitment that needs full attention and a hundred percent heart, so do make sure of what’s about to happen. First off, always double-check or even triple-check measurements of the metal furrings before starting to them up. If the furrings acquired are extra-long and the measurements are uncertain, cut it longer than expected and needed. It’s better to overshoot and trim accordingly than to be short and to extend.

Find out where all the ceiling joists are, mark them accordingly, and remember where they are

Joists are what keeps the roof together and in shape. It’s sort of foundation, much like walls having necessary pillars when being built. In layman terms, it’s a frame or skeleton keeping the roof the way it currently is. Find where all these joists are located. When all of them have been spotted and a visual map has been built, carefully mark where the metal furring system would be attached. This easily saves time and makes sure things go in the right place without getting messed up. With the metal furring being fastened by screws on the ceiling joists, it surely is best to get things right the first time!

Start attaching the metal furring strips at both ends and against one another

It’s now time to put in the metal furring accordingly. Build up the “net” system with the tiles in mind. The flanges should perfectly line up with the side of every tile. To easily make sure of this, hold up a tile from time to time against the furring to be installed to make sure it’s being done right.

Start leveling out all the strips in place and secure them all accordingly

Use a leveling tool to make sure the furring is level because sometimes ceilings just aren’t anymore. If there seems to be a problem, a wooden shim can be hammered into it to easily fix what’s going on.

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