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Carrying Channel Guide: What You Need to Know About Light Steel Frame

Your home may just be one structure, but it is made of various materials, each with a vital role in keeping your home a safe place for you and your family. Your roof, for example, keeps your home protected from weather elements that may cause damage. On the other hand, the door gives you security and privacy. However, there are other parts of your home that may not be visible but are as important. In this article, we will talk about one of the important parts of your roof and ceiling system—the carrying channel.

What is a Carrying Channel?

A carrying channel is a component of a ceiling that serves as ceiling framing. Ceiling framing is important when building a home, as it provides support for the ceiling and roof. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that their ceiling framing is of high quality.

The carrying channel is the main support of a suspended ceiling system, on which other components, like furring channels, can attach. The carrying channel is also used on suspended ceilings. It can also support an entire ceiling assembly. When used alongside a double furring channel, the carrying channel can be used as girders or beams that support the double furring and connect to the hangers.

When it comes to carrying channels, the best ones to use are those of light steel because they offer a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Light Steel Frames as Carrying Channels 

They are durable.

Carrying channels made of light steel as well as other light steel frames which are stronger than their wooden counterpart. Because they are pest-proof, you do not have to worry about termites damaging them. Steel is also resistant to fire. These properties make light steel carrying channels durable and long-lasting.

They keep their shape.

Wooden frames are prone to warping when temperatures change. On the other hand, light steel frames keep their shape unless they are intentionally or accidentally modified. As carrying channels serve as the backbones of ceilings, keeping their shape intact is important.

They are versatile.

Light steel carrying channels can be modified to your desired shapes and sizes to fit the requirements of your ceiling project. This allows for personalization, which is nice if you want to create a unique ceiling.

They are easier to install.

Because they are light, carrying channels made of steel are easier to move around, making installation easy and completion of projects fast. Some steel frames can even be pre-fabricated off-site and then delivered to the construction site for easier installation.

They are cost efficient.

With their durability and easy installation leading to less labor, light steel carrying channels are cost efficient.

They are environment-friendly.

Unlike wood products, light steel frames do not require cutting trees, which may lead to deforestation. There is also wastage when manufacturing wood frames because not all parts of the wood are used. On the other hand, light steel frames are made with precision, avoiding wastage. And because they last long, replacing them will not be as frequent, which means less material consumption. They can also be recycled if they can no longer be used in their current state.

Carrying Channel Light Steel Frame Supplier

Now that you know the advantages of light steel carrying channels, you may be on the lookout for a reliable supplier for your construction projects. Fortunately, Union Galvasteel Corporation is here for you. Aside from carrying channels, UGC also offers other light metal frames.

Light metal frames or light steel frames refer to building frame systems, where the vertical and horizontal structural elements are formed by a system of structural steel beams and columns. Their function is like how human skeletons support the body. Below are examples of light steel frames:

Double furring channel

The double furring channel is usually found on suspended ceilings because it can support an entire ceiling assembly. It can also be used as a nailer for finishing boards.

Wall angle

A wall angle gives the overall sharpness of the ceiling. For a dropped ceiling or secondary ceiling, it is usually L-shaped.

C-Studs and C-Tracks

C-studs are used as vertical and horizontal support, while C-tracks are used for alignment and attachment to ceiling and flooring.

Same with light steel carrying channels, these light steel frames offer numerous benefits like significant reduction in onsite labor usage, ability to keep their shape, resistance to fire and pests, and design flexibility.

Because of their advantages, light metal frames are widely used not just in homes but also in offices, restaurants, malls, and hotels. In buildings, they are used for interior structures, often as partitions of office spaces. They are also used for a building’s outer aesthetics, with the frames being utilized as skeletal molds for whatever design that the construction team envisions. Because steel frames are galvanized, they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Whether heat, rain or cold, expect steel frames to endure anything thrown at it.

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