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A Comparative Guide to Ceiling Materials in the Philippines

Choosing the appropriate ceiling material is a crucial decision in both residential and commercial construction, as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of space (along with wall cladding in the Philippines) but also ensures structural integrity. The ceiling serves as a vital element in interior design, influencing the overall ambiance and functionality of a room.

Beyond its decorative role, the ceiling also provides insulation, conceals wiring and piping, and contributes to acoustics. Thus, selecting the right material is necessary to achieve desired visual effects, maintain durability, and meet safety standards.

In this comparative guide, learn about the various types of ceiling materials such as gypsum boards, Hardiflex, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and metal spandrels, their unique characteristics, advantages, and some limitations. Comparing these can help homeowners, architects, and builders weigh their respective benefits, choose the best ceiling option for their specific project requirements, and create spaces that are both visually stunning and structurally sound.

Key Considerations in Choosing Ceiling Materials

From durability to maintenance requirements, each aspect plays a crucial role in determining the most suitable ceiling choice for a project. Here are the top factors one must consider:


Durability directly impacts the longevity and structural integrity of space. Materials like metal spandrels and fiber cement boards such as Hardiflex offer excellent resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Additionally, considering factors like moisture resistance and fire retardancy can further enhance the durability of the chosen material, ensuring long-term performance and safety.


A ceiling material’s feasibility influences the overall budget considerations for a project. While materials like gypsum board and PVC offer affordability in terms of initial installation costs, it’s essential to also consider long-term maintenance expenses. Hence, it’s necessary to evaluate the lifecycle cost of each material to make a financially prudent decision that balances upfront expenses with ongoing upkeep.


Especially for projects with tight deadlines or limited labor resources, considering a ceiling option’s ease of installation is also a crucial factor. Materials like gypsum board and PVC are known for their relatively straightforward installation processes, allowing for quick and efficient construction. However, complex designs or specialized requirements may need the expertise of professionals, impacting both installation time and costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Choosing a material that aligns with the desired aesthetic vision ensures that the ceiling becomes a focal point of the space.

For instance, gypsum boards offer versatility in design, allowing for intricate patterns, textures, and finishes to enhance the aesthetics of a room. On the other hand, metal spandrels provide a modern and sleek appearance, ideal for contemporary architectural styles. 

Maintenance Needs

To help ensure the long-term upkeep and appearance of the ceiling, specific maintenance requirements of ceiling options should also be considered. Materials like PVC and metal spandrels are known for their low maintenance needs, requiring only periodic cleaning to retain their appearance. On the other hand, materials like gypsum boards may require occasional repairs or repainting to address wear and tear over time.

Exploring Ceiling Material Options

From the versatility of gypsum board to the durability of metal spandrel, each material brings its own set of properties and advantages, catering to different preferences and project requirements.

To help individuals make the right choice, here’s a quick breakdown of the top options:

Gypsum Board

Popular in ceiling construction due to its ease of installation and versatility, gypsum board (also known as plasterboard or drywall) is composed of gypsum plaster sandwiched between layers of paper, offering excellent fire resistance and sound insulation properties. This makes it suitable for different settings, including commercial and residential spaces.

Further, its lightweight nature makes way for straightforward installation, involving the attachment of boards to wooden or metal framing using screws. Generally, gypsum board ceilings provide a smooth and uniform surface, enabling customization through painting or texturing for desired aesthetics.


As a preferred choice for ceilings in areas requiring heightened durability, Hardiflex is a type of fiber cement brand that stands out for its exceptional strength and adaptability. It’s made from a mixture of cellulose fibers, cement, and additives, exhibiting resistance to fire, termite damage, and moisture.

This makes it ideal for humid or high-temperature environments and offers longevity and resilience in challenging conditions, which is why it’s commonly used in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

Installing Hardiflex ceilings can be done by attaching the boards to a metal or wooden framework using appropriate fasteners, ensuring secure and stable support.

PVC Ceilings

Composed of polyvinyl chloride, PVC ceilings are lightweight, durable, and resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, making them a suitable and practical choice for residential and commercial settings. They’re also known for their ease of maintenance and affordability.

Typically, PVC ceilings are installed by interlocking panels for quick and hassle-free assembly, with less focus on the need for specialized tools or skills. In general, this option offers versatility in enhancing the aesthetics of interior spaces without heavy upkeep requirements.

Metal Spandrel

Often used in commercial spaces, industrial buildings, and contemporary residential designs, metal spandrel ceilings are made from materials such as aluminum or steel, offering exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. Using screws or clips, installers of this ceiling option must secure panels to a metal framework to provide a sleek and seamless finish.

Introducing Duraspandrel – The Premier Option for Metal Spandrel Ceilings

Duraspandrel sets a new standard in quality, durability, and aesthetics, making it the top choice for architects, designers, and builders alike. Its unique qualities and benefits make it stand out among other metal spandrel options, offering unmatched performance and style.

Engineered with precision and crafted from high-quality materials, Duraspandrel’s advanced design provides superior resistance to corrosion, fire, and moisture. Ideal for both interior and exterior uses, the integration of innovative technology into its elegant design sets it apart from other options, offering numerous benefits including the following:

  • Residential settings – add a touch of modern sophistication, provide durable protection against wear and tear, and are easy to install and maintain.
  • Commercial spaces – ensure long-term performance in high-traffic areas, easy to customize for various design schemes.

Watch and Learn

As previously discussed, various ceiling materials and wall cladding in the Philippines have various advantages and ideal uses. Depending on one’s project requirements, budget, and other key considerations, one ceiling material may be more applicable than the other.

For an in-depth guide on various ceiling materials, you may watch this informational video to help you make the best choice:

Make sure to consider the main points discussed in the video so you can effectively weigh the pros and cons of each option.

UGC’s Duraspandrel as the Perfect Choice for Your Projects

Of course, any builder needs to ensure value-for-money decisions for their projects, especially when it comes to ceiling construction materials and pre-painted wall cladding in the Philippines.

Union Galvasteel Corporation, one of the market leaders of cladding suppliers in the country, has Duraspandrel, made with oven-cured, high-performance quality epoxy primer and polyester topcoat and back coat paints. It can be used to cover the exposed surface of any exterior overhanging section of a roof eave. Its durability is unparalleled, on top of its economical and quick-to-install nature.

Check out more details about UGC’s Duraspandrel and how it can benefit your next project.

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