Calamba City - UGC culminates its CSR season with its participation in the Annual Calamba Buhayani Festival on June 19, 2018 in commemoration of Jose Rizal’s birthday.

This Year UGC participated in the float parade for the first time and won 5th  place with a cash reward of P 30,000. The float displayed the transition of nipa built houses before to steel roof houses and panel sidings and eaves. This is part of Rizal’s vision of industrialization.

Inside the float are volunteer employees who portrayed Jose Rizal (Caloy de Torres), Maria Clara (Janine Domogma), Padre Damaso (SG Marasigan), and Josephine Bracken (Jocelyn Oya). More than Thirty (30) employees joined the human parade accompanying the float.



The following volunteer employees joined in the parade:

1. Caloy de Torres (Jose Rizal)
2. Jocelyn Oya (Josephine Bracken)
3. Janine Domogma (Maria Clara)
4. SG Marasigan (Padre Damaso)
5.Joseph Chamorro
6. Jackie Ciceron
7. KC Oruga
8. Cherry Estrella
9. Nikka Amposta
10. Iya Concepcion

11. Arah Densing
12. Dado Rodriguez
13. Remar Bonavente
14. Roger Casaña
15. Devie Aquino
16. Joemer Binay
17. Francis Dumao
18. Marxlee Ugot
19.Zheela Borbe
20. Anthony Bitoin

21. Cristina Dumadapat
22. Bryan Negrillo
23.Eddie Precilla
24. Rosendo Pocdo
25. Nante Gonzales
26. Barry Melodillar
27. Jupet Laboto
28. SG Jr Galisanao
29. Mila Rojas
30. Teoderico Concepcion

31. Janet Adaoag
32. Joef Juganas
33. Rose Paran
34. Lenie Carvajal
35. Bianca Lois Rodillo – OT
36. Sheryleen Casco – OJT 
37. Alissa Baricanosa – OJT 
38. Paula Gin Bermeo – OJT 
39. Ella Katrina Manalo – OJT 
40. Diane Kathleen Fang – OJT

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