The Passing of the Torch: AMF Retires

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away”. With these words (quoted from the great American soldier- Gen. Douglas McArthur’s farewell speech at the West Point Academy, his Alma Mater), Mr. Arthur M. Florendo, UGC President and CEO, finally bid adieu and thanked the Phinma and UGC Management, colleagues and employees during the Retirement Ceremonies tendered by Phinma and held at the Phinma Rooftop last April 10, 2017. No less than Phinma’s top brass, namely OJH, RRR, MBA, VJR and RML took turns in toasting and thanking AMF for a lifelong 53 years of loyalty and dedication to the organization, the longest tenure in the entire Phinma Group.

It was indeed a fitting tribute to a leader who dedicated his whole professional life with such passion and enthusiasm difficult to match. Through all these years, he piloted and guided the company to unprecedented growth and development, from the number of facilities and technological advancement, innovative product mix, sales and market share and finally, the financial bottomline. One of his crowning glory and legacy, perhaps was when he steered the company from the brink of bankruptcy and closure during the 1997 – 2001 Asian Financial crisis, to what it is now- the market leader with healthy financial position.

AMF’s stature in the steel industry likewise extends not just in the local Philippine scene but internationally as well. Manong Art, as he is fondly called in the industry, is highly respected and his opinions on array of industry issues are widely sought by peers, competitors, foreign suppliers and government regulatory bodies alike. His staunch support to the resurgence of the steel industry and his unwavering advocacy for product standards and consumer protection are the stuff that will be missed. One AMF major trademark is his “penchant” for marathon meetings especially during the Annual and Semi-Annual Budget Conferences. Echoing his own experience, he would always tell the attendees and participants that - “This is the best business class; you will learn more about business in these meetings more than any business school in the country could offer”. He would proudly narrate that he honed his business acumen during these Phinma’s Conferences, where he learned most from the questions, admonitions and guidance from Phinma founder Amb. Ramon del Rosario, Sr., and other executives.

AMF’s non-tiring energy and enthusiasm to regularly visit UGC’s nationwide network is legendary. In his own words, “UGC is my family; it is my life.”

The UGC family wishes AMF a warm send-off. Thank you for all you have done for the company and for us - your employees. WELL DONE SIR. GOD BLESS YOU!

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