The company started as the Union Steel Plant Division of Bacnotan Cement Industries, Inc. (Bacnotan), a pioneer in the Philippine Cement Industry. It began commercial operations in 1963 with a galvanizing plant in Poro, La Union for the manufacture of Galvanized Iron (GI) sheets, expanding to Ilang, Davao City in 1968 and to Calamba, Laguna in 1990. In 1993, the steel plant was spun off from Bacnotan as a separate business unit, and incorporated as Bacnotan Steel Corporation, later renamed UNION GALVASTEEL CORPORATION (UGC). The company in 1997 established a modern Continuous Galvanizing Line and Color Coating Line for the manufacture of prepainted galvanized steel coils in Calamba, Laguna.

Today, UGC is the market leader in the manufacture and distribution of prepainted and other galvanized roofing, and of galvanized steel building products such as building system components like steel deckings, c-purlins, door jambs, steel trusses, pre-engineered building structures (PEBS) and insulated panels for commercial, industrial and residential applications. The company has the largest and most diversified distribution network in the industry, with rollforming plants, warehouses and sales offices in strategic locations throughout the country.

The Company’s slogan ‘SA TIBAY AT GANDA PANALO KA!’ speaks of an utmost commitment for product quality and service – that is, making lives better for Filipinos. Its products and services are being used to construct residential houses, factory buildings, warehouses, business centers, schools and churches.

UGC is a growing company. It continues to expand and explore new possibilities. The company takes pride of the fact that it has the widest distribution reach, with rollforming plants, warehouses and offices strategically location nationwide. But the best proof of its growth is actually people. As it always claims, UGC’s bests assets are the human resources; from the production to marketing to support groups, they are all equipped with sharper skills and better knowledge. And steps are taken to propel them forward; the company’s continuous training and development programs give employees opportunities to be the best of what they can be. The growth of the people is the growth of the company.

Our main purpose is not for productivity and profitability, it is more of creating a positive impact to people, to the industry and the country. As much as we can, we want to do things that will increase the quality of life, that will open more opportunities for growth, and that will contribute in nation-building. This is how we conduct business.

It is not enough that we manufacture high-quality products. What sets us above the rest is the fact that we create and provide solutions. They should always be relevant and valuable, according to the needs and demands of our customers, attuned to the changing times. More than claiming that they are all aesthetically designed for utmost durability, we want our products to be versatile and flexible for various applications. We consider compatibility to environment and climate change; we consider value for money by making products all cost-efficient, by delivering our services on time. We challenge ourselves to always innovate to offer infinite possibilities in the construction industry.

With great sense of ownership, our employees understand that they carry the name of the company, whatever they do, wherever they go. There’s always the highest degree of honesty and integrity, in how they operate, in how they deal, in how they serve. Thus, they earn the trust and respect of the customers and suppliers, of peers in the industry. We have the best people who are not just committed to excellence and dedicated to customer satisfaction, they are with us in pushing forward the upliftment of life, of bringing change for the common good.

We always say that not all steel roofing materials are created equal; our carry years and years of expertise and experience. Our company is esteemed for our distinct manufacturing process. The big difference lies to three words: Malleability, Consistency and Reliability. Malleability defines the durability and flexibility of our system and products. Consistency means always leveling up the performance and exceeding expectations. We value the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, ensures that there will be no shortcuts, no breakdowns in our business process and procedures.

Lastly, we differentiate ourselves by bringing the highest quality possible through our operational excellence. We make sure that the technology we have is the best in class. We lead the pack in adopting global standards by bringing only the finest materials and equipment the world can offer. We are relentless in discovering and exploring proactive improvements. Our facilities are always upgraded and expanded to maximize potentials, to acquire additional functions to create diverse product applications. And yes, even our people, which we consider as our best asset, are always honed and harnessed with sharper skills and wider knowledge. This is the best technology for us, with sincerest human and personal touch that sets us apart from the rest of the field.

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