Years of Building

Our steel roofing business was envisioned as our humble contribution to nation building. The first seeds of growth were first sowed in La Union. The market sprouted and blossomed and soon enough, the steel business thrived in the whole Luzon.

The company eventually expanded in Mindanao and later in the Visayan region to reach wider markets. These were building blocks with some growing pains, but the company was determined to turn its vision into reality.

    Holding On

Those years were touted as the darkest period in the Philippine history. There was a breakdown of peace and order, business was on a stand still. Tumultuous times were felt even on our steel plants. Almost everything was on hold; we waited for the situation to normalize. In the meantime, we reinforced our strengths: we nurtured the plants, empowered our best people.

In our darkest hour, we found strength; we prepared ourselves and hoped to see the light end at the of the tunnel.

    Standing Up

The Filipino resiliency has always been legendary.

We would always unite and stand up amidst crises that come our way. The events of 1986 proved to the world that the Filipino can.

As the political landscape was changing and the economy moving forward, our Company’s operations began to bear fruit. We expanded and we built a new plant in Calamba. This catalyzed opportunities to explore more and expand our business.

    Changes and Challenges

To keep up with the improving business environment and technological changes, we embarked on expansion and modernization of our facilities.

But with changes came challenges; foremost was the Asian Financial Crisis that derailed our strategies. It brought restlessness in some aspects. But then we had to rise up, we had to take bolder steps.

At the start of the new millennium, we changed our name into Union Galvasteel Corporation (UGC) to strengthen brand equity. This time, the change brought new hopes for us. We made a significant turnaround. We branched out and introduced new product lines.

    Making a Difference

We are making things happen

Our years of experience and expertise gave us the confidence to innovate that realized breakthroughs. Our acclaimed quality management system raised our standards for our products, services, processes and corporate social responsibility. Our largest distribution network across the country enabled us to reach more people and provide them our much-admired customer service. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we commit to excellence.

Our people make the big difference, they make things happen. Our strength lies on our people. We grow as one, united in this unending journey towards growth and commitment. We are looking ahead to the future. We are excited to build more, expand more, serve more, do more - - - we are going further. Our unending growth and commitment always be anchored on making a difference.

    Implementing Operational Innovations
  Fifty years and counting…

The commitment to be the preferred supplier in the construction industry led UGC to very important technology turnarounds. 

A new and modern Continuous Color Coating Line was commissioned in 2014 thereafter, the completion of the expansion of the Polyurethane Lines both in Calamba and Davao has strengthened the company's position as an emerging major player in the PU business to cater also to the growing demand of the agri as well as industrial and commercial industry.

Moreover, in 2015 the company also introduced to the market Pre-engineered Building Structures (PEBS). Through a strategic alliance with a foreign company, the company is able to design, fabricate and erect structured steel materials which are components for the construction of warehouses, factories and commercial buildings. 

Still and more, UGC will continue to pursue its customer-focused strategy of ensuring a consistently remarkable experience for every customer.


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